Paper generation

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Generating scientific paper texts, such as abstracts.

Most implemented papers

Paper Abstract Writing through Editing Mechanism

EagleW/ACL_titles_abstracts_dataset ACL 2018

We present a paper abstract writing system based on an attentive neural sequence-to-sequence model that can take a title as input and automatically generate an abstract.

PaperRobot: Incremental Draft Generation of Scientific Ideas

EagleW/PaperRobot ACL 2019

We present a PaperRobot who performs as an automatic research assistant by (1) conducting deep understanding of a large collection of human-written papers in a target domain and constructing comprehensive background knowledge graphs (KGs); (2) creating new ideas by predicting links from the background KGs, by combining graph attention and contextual text attention; (3) incrementally writing some key elements of a new paper based on memory-attention networks: from the input title along with predicted related entities to generate a paper abstract, from the abstract to generate conclusion and future work, and finally from future work to generate a title for a follow-on paper.

Neural Academic Paper Generation

inzva/fake-academic-paper-generation 2 Dec 2019

In this work, we tackle the problem of structured text generation, specifically academic paper generation in $\LaTeX{}$, inspired by the surprisingly good results of basic character-level language models.