Parallel Corpus Mining

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Mining a corpus of bilingual sentence pairs that are translations of each other.


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Most implemented papers

Massively Multilingual Sentence Embeddings for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer and Beyond

facebookresearch/LASER TACL 2019

We introduce an architecture to learn joint multilingual sentence representations for 93 languages, belonging to more than 30 different families and written in 28 different scripts.

Margin-based Parallel Corpus Mining with Multilingual Sentence Embeddings

facebookresearch/LASER ACL 2019

Machine translation is highly sensitive to the size and quality of the training data, which has led to an increasing interest in collecting and filtering large parallel corpora.

ParaCrawl: Web-Scale Acquisition of Parallel Corpora

marian-nmt/marian ACL 2020

We report on methods to create the largest publicly available parallel corpora by crawling the web, using open source software.

Coursera Corpus Mining and Multistage Fine-Tuning for Improving Lectures Translation

shyyhs/CourseraParallelCorpusMining LREC 2020

To address this, we examine a language independent framework for parallel corpus mining which is a quick and effective way to mine a parallel corpus from publicly available lectures at Coursera.

MUSS: Multilingual Unsupervised Sentence Simplification by Mining Paraphrases

facebookresearch/muss LREC 2022

Progress in sentence simplification has been hindered by a lack of labeled parallel simplification data, particularly in languages other than English.

Parallel Sentence Mining by Constrained Decoding

marian-nmt/marian-dev ACL 2020

We present a novel method to extract parallel sentences from two monolingual corpora, using neural machine translation.

USCORE: An Effective Approach to Fully Unsupervised Evaluation Metrics for Machine Translation

potamides/unsupervised-metrics 21 Feb 2022

We show that our fully unsupervised metrics are effective, i. e., they beat supervised competitors on 4 out of our 5 evaluation datasets.

Bilingual Corpus Mining and Multistage Fine-Tuning for Improving Machine Translation of Lecture Transcripts

shyyhs/CourseraParallelCorpusMining 7 Nov 2023

To create the parallel corpora, we propose a dynamic programming based sentence alignment algorithm which leverages the cosine similarity of machine-translated sentences.