Persian Sentiment Analysis

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Persian Sentiment analysis is the task of classifying the polarity of a given text.

Most implemented papers

DeepSentiPers: Novel Deep Learning Models Trained Over Proposed Augmented Persian Sentiment Corpus

JoyeBright/DeepSentiPers 11 Apr 2020

To best of our knowledge, we do not merely suffer from lack of well-annotated Persian sentiment corpus, but also a novel model to classify the Persian opinions in terms of both multiple and binary classification.

ParsiNLU: A Suite of Language Understanding Challenges for Persian

persiannlp/parsinlu 11 Dec 2020

Despite the progress made in recent years in addressing natural language understanding (NLU) challenges, the majority of this progress remains to be concentrated on resource-rich languages like English.

Jointly Modeling Aspect and Polarity for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis in Persian Reviews

miladvazan/Aspect-based-Sentiment-Analysis-in-Persian-Reviews 16 Sep 2021

The developed models were evaluated using the collected dataset in terms of example-based and label-based metrics.

Joint Learning for Aspect and Polarity Classification in Persian Reviews Using Multi-Task Deep Learning

miladvazan/Joint_Learning_Classification_Persian_Reviews- 17 Jan 2022

The purpose of this paper focuses on two sub-tasks related to aspect-based sentiment analysis, namely, aspect category detection (ACD) and aspect category polarity (ACP) in the Persian language.