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Robust M-Estimation Based Bayesian Cluster Enumeration for Real Elliptically Symmetric Distributions

schrchr/Robust-Cluster-Enumeration 4 May 2020

Robustly determining the optimal number of clusters in a data set is an essential factor in a wide range of applications.

Weakly supervised discriminative feature learning with state information for person identification

KovenYu/state-information CVPR 2020

We evaluate our model on unsupervised person re-identification and pose-invariant face recognition.

StoryGraphs: Visualizing Character Interactions as a Timeline

makarandtapaswi/StoryGraphs_CVPR2014 CVPR 2014

We present a novel way to automatically summarize and represent the storyline of a TV episode by visualizing character interactions as a chart.

Deep Learning-Based Gait Recognition Using Smartphones in the Wild

qinnzou/Gait-Recognition-Using-Smartphones 1 Nov 2018

Specifically, a hybrid deep neural network is proposed for robust gait feature representation, where features in the space and time domains are successively abstracted by a convolutional neural network and a recurrent neural network.

A Mobile Robot Generating Video Summaries of Seniors' Indoor Activities

yangchihyuan/RobotVideoSummary 30 Jan 2019

We develop a system which generates summaries from seniors' indoor-activity videos captured by a social robot to help remote family members know their seniors' daily activities at home.

OPFython: A Python-Inspired Optimum-Path Forest Classifier

gugarosa/opfython 28 Jan 2020

Machine learning techniques have been paramount throughout the last years, being applied in a wide range of tasks, such as classification, object recognition, person identification, and image segmentation.

Ear2Face: Deep Biometric Modality Mapping

yamand16/ear2face 2 Jun 2020

We have achieved very promising results, especially on the FERET dataset, generating visually appealing face images from ear image inputs.

Subject-Aware Contrastive Learning for Biosignals

zacharycbrown/ssl_baselines_for_biosignal_feature_extraction 30 Jun 2020

Datasets for biosignals, such as electroencephalogram (EEG) and electrocardiogram (ECG), often have noisy labels and have limited number of subjects (<100).

Adversarial Disentanglement of Speaker Representation for Attribute-Driven Privacy Preservation

LIAvignon/adversarial-disentangling-autoencoder-for-spk-representation 8 Dec 2020

In order to allow the user to choose which information to protect, we introduce in this paper the concept of attribute-driven privacy preservation in speaker voice representation.

Weakly-Supervised Multi-Face 3D Reconstruction

kalyo-zjl/WM3DR 6 Jan 2021

3D face reconstruction plays a very important role in many real-world multimedia applications, including digital entertainment, social media, affection analysis, and person identification.