Person Identification

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Most implemented papers

Robust M-Estimation Based Bayesian Cluster Enumeration for Real Elliptically Symmetric Distributions

schrchr/Robust-Cluster-Enumeration 4 May 2020

Robustly determining the optimal number of clusters in a data set is an essential factor in a wide range of applications.

Weakly supervised discriminative feature learning with state information for person identification

KovenYu/state-information CVPR 2020

We evaluate our model on unsupervised person re-identification and pose-invariant face recognition.

Deep Learning-Based Gait Recognition Using Smartphones in the Wild

qinnzou/Gait-Recognition-Using-Smartphones 1 Nov 2018

Specifically, a hybrid deep neural network is proposed for robust gait feature representation, where features in the space and time domains are successively abstracted by a convolutional neural network and a recurrent neural network.

A Mobile Robot Generating Video Summaries of Seniors' Indoor Activities

yangchihyuan/RobotVideoSummary 30 Jan 2019

We develop a system which generates summaries from seniors' indoor-activity videos captured by a social robot to help remote family members know their seniors' daily activities at home.

OPFython: A Python-Inspired Optimum-Path Forest Classifier

gugarosa/opfython 28 Jan 2020

Machine learning techniques have been paramount throughout the last years, being applied in a wide range of tasks, such as classification, object recognition, person identification, and image segmentation.

Ear2Face: Deep Biometric Modality Mapping

yamand16/ear2face 2 Jun 2020

We have achieved very promising results, especially on the FERET dataset, generating visually appealing face images from ear image inputs.

Adversarial Disentanglement of Speaker Representation for Attribute-Driven Privacy Preservation

LIAvignon/adversarial-disentangling-autoencoder-for-spk-representation 8 Dec 2020

In order to allow the user to choose which information to protect, we introduce in this paper the concept of attribute-driven privacy preservation in speaker voice representation.

Weakly-Supervised Multi-Face 3D Reconstruction

kalyo-zjl/WM3DR 6 Jan 2021

3D face reconstruction plays a very important role in many real-world multimedia applications, including digital entertainment, social media, affection analysis, and person identification.

Touchless Palmprint Recognition based on 3D Gabor Template and Block Feature Refinement

dxbdxx/3dcpn 3 Mar 2021

To our best knowledge, it is the largest contactless palmprint image benchmark ever collected with regard to the number of individuals and palms.

3D Human Body Reshaping with Anthropometric Modeling

1900zyh/3D-Human-Body-Shape 5 Apr 2021

First, we calculate full-body anthropometric parameters from limited user inputs by imputation technique, and thus essential anthropometric parameters for 3D body reshaping can be obtained.