Person Search

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Person Search is a task which aims at matching a specific person among a great number of whole scene images.

Source: Re-ID Driven Localization Refinement for Person Search

Most implemented papers

Beyond Appearance: a Semantic Controllable Self-Supervised Learning Framework for Human-Centric Visual Tasks

tinyvision/SOLIDER CVPR 2023

Unlike the existing self-supervised learning methods, prior knowledge from human images is utilized in SOLIDER to build pseudo semantic labels and import more semantic information into the learned representation.

Efficient Person Search: An Anchor-Free Approach

daodaofr/AlignPS 1 Sep 2021

Third, by investigating the advantages of both anchor-based and anchor-free models, we further augment AlignPS with an ROI-Align head, which significantly improves the robustness of re-id features while still keeping our model highly efficient.

Joint Detection and Identification Feature Learning for Person Search

ShuangLI59/person_search CVPR 2017

Existing person re-identification benchmarks and methods mainly focus on matching cropped pedestrian images between queries and candidates.

Person Search in Videos with One Portrait Through Visual and Temporal Links

hqqasw/person-search-PPCC ECCV 2018

In real-world applications, e. g. law enforcement and video retrieval, one often needs to search a certain person in long videos with just one portrait.

ViTAA: Visual-Textual Attributes Alignment in Person Search by Natural Language

Jarr0d/ViTAA ECCV 2020

Person search by natural language aims at retrieving a specific person in a large-scale image pool that matches the given textual descriptions.

Exploring Visual Context for Weakly Supervised Person Search

ljpadam/CGPS 19 Jun 2021

This paper inventively considers weakly supervised person search with only bounding box annotations.

Domain Adaptive Person Search

caposerenity/daps 25 Jul 2022

In this paper, we take a further step and present Domain Adaptive Person Search (DAPS), which aims to generalize the model from a labeled source domain to the unlabeled target domain.

Person Search with Natural Language Description

ShuangLI59/Person-Search-with-Natural-Language-Description CVPR 2017

Searching persons in large-scale image databases with the query of natural language description has important applications in video surveillance.

Query-guided End-to-End Person Search

munjalbharti/Query-guided-End-to-End-Person-Search CVPR 2019

We extend this with i. a query-guided Siamese squeeze-and-excitation network (QSSE-Net) that uses global context from both the query and gallery images, ii.