Person Search

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Person Search is a task which aims at matching a specific person among a great number of whole scene images.

Source: Re-ID Driven Localization Refinement for Person Search

Most implemented papers

Efficient Person Search: An Anchor-Free Approach

daodaofr/AlignPS 1 Sep 2021

Third, by investigating the advantages of both anchor-based and anchor-free models, we further augment AlignPS with an ROI-Align head, which significantly improves the robustness of re-id features while still keeping our model highly efficient.

Beyond Appearance: a Semantic Controllable Self-Supervised Learning Framework for Human-Centric Visual Tasks

tinyvision/SOLIDER CVPR 2023

Unlike the existing self-supervised learning methods, prior knowledge from human images is utilized in SOLIDER to build pseudo semantic labels and import more semantic information into the learned representation.

Exploring Visual Context for Weakly Supervised Person Search

ljpadam/CGPS 19 Jun 2021

This paper inventively considers weakly supervised person search with only bounding box annotations.

Joint Detection and Identification Feature Learning for Person Search

ShuangLI59/person_search CVPR 2017

Existing person re-identification benchmarks and methods mainly focus on matching cropped pedestrian images between queries and candidates.

Person Search in Videos with One Portrait Through Visual and Temporal Links

hqqasw/person-search-PPCC ECCV 2018

In real-world applications, e. g. law enforcement and video retrieval, one often needs to search a certain person in long videos with just one portrait.

ViTAA: Visual-Textual Attributes Alignment in Person Search by Natural Language

Jarr0d/ViTAA ECCV 2020

Person search by natural language aims at retrieving a specific person in a large-scale image pool that matches the given textual descriptions.

Domain Adaptive Person Search

caposerenity/daps 25 Jul 2022

In this paper, we take a further step and present Domain Adaptive Person Search (DAPS), which aims to generalize the model from a labeled source domain to the unlabeled target domain.

Person Search with Natural Language Description

ShuangLI59/Person-Search-with-Natural-Language-Description CVPR 2017

Searching persons in large-scale image databases with the query of natural language description has important applications in video surveillance.

Query-guided End-to-End Person Search

munjalbharti/Query-guided-End-to-End-Person-Search CVPR 2019

We extend this with i. a query-guided Siamese squeeze-and-excitation network (QSSE-Net) that uses global context from both the query and gallery images, ii.