Personality Trait Recognition

3 papers with code • 1 benchmarks • 2 datasets

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Most implemented papers

Deep Impression: Audiovisual Deep Residual Networks for Multimodal Apparent Personality Trait Recognition

yagguc/deep_impression 16 Sep 2016

Here, we develop an audiovisual deep residual network for multimodal apparent personality trait recognition.

Learning to Navigate Intersections with Unsupervised Driver Trait Inference

Shuijing725/VAE_trait_inference 14 Sep 2021

Then, we use this trait representation to learn a policy for an autonomous vehicle to navigate through a T-intersection with deep reinforcement learning.

CPED: A Large-Scale Chinese Personalized and Emotional Dialogue Dataset for Conversational AI

scutcyr/CPED 29 May 2022

Finally, we provide baseline systems for these tasks and consider the function of speakers' personalities and emotions on conversation.