Persuasion Strategies

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Prediction of Persuasion Strategy in Advertisements

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Persuasion for Good: Towards a Personalized Persuasive Dialogue System for Social Good

ucdavisnlp/persuasionforgood ACL 2019

Developing intelligent persuasive conversational agents to change people's opinions and actions for social good is the frontier in advancing the ethical development of automated dialogue systems.

RESPER: Computationally Modelling Resisting Strategies in Persuasive Conversations

americast/resper EACL 2021

Our experiments reveal the asymmetry of power roles in non-collaborative goal-directed conversations and the benefits accrued from incorporating resisting strategies on the final conversation outcome.

CaSiNo: A Corpus of Campsite Negotiation Dialogues for Automatic Negotiation Systems

kushalchawla/CaSiNo NAACL 2021

Automated systems that negotiate with humans have broad applications in pedagogy and conversational AI.

Persuasion Strategies in Advertisements

midas-research/persuasion-advertisements 20 Aug 2022

Motivated by persuasion literature in social psychology and marketing, we introduce an extensive vocabulary of persuasion strategies and build the first ad image corpus annotated with persuasion strategies.

Where Do People Tell Stories Online? Story Detection Across Online Communities

maria-antoniak/storyseeker 16 Nov 2023

Story detection in online communities is a challenging task as stories are scattered across communities and interwoven with non-storytelling spans within a single text.