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Most implemented papers

PIQA: Reasoning about Physical Commonsense in Natural Language

vered1986/self_talk 26 Nov 2019

Questions requiring this kind of physical commonsense pose a challenge to today's natural language understanding systems.

Phrase-Indexed Question Answering: A New Challenge for Scalable Document Comprehension

uwnlp/piqa EMNLP 2018

We formalize a new modular variant of current question answering tasks by enforcing complete independence of the document encoder from the question encoder.

UNICORN on RAINBOW: A Universal Commonsense Reasoning Model on a New Multitask Benchmark

allenai/rainbow 24 Mar 2021

First, we propose a new multitask benchmark, RAINBOW, to promote research on commonsense models that generalize well over multiple tasks and datasets.

Identify, Align, and Integrate: Matching Knowledge Graphs to Commonsense Reasoning Tasks

lbauer6/IdentifyAlignIntegrate EACL 2021

For knowledge integration to yield peak performance, it is critical to select a knowledge graph (KG) that is well-aligned with the given task's objective.

VidLanKD: Improving Language Understanding via Video-Distilled Knowledge Transfer

zinengtang/VidLanKD NeurIPS 2021

We train a multi-modal teacher model on a video-text dataset, and then transfer its knowledge to a student language model with a text dataset.