Point Cloud Classification

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Point Cloud Classification is a task involving the classification of unordered 3D point sets (point clouds).


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Dynamic Graph CNN for Learning on Point Clouds

WangYueFt/dgcnn 24 Jan 2018

Point clouds provide a flexible geometric representation suitable for countless applications in computer graphics; they also comprise the raw output of most 3D data acquisition devices.

PCT: Point cloud transformer

MenghaoGuo/PCT 17 Dec 2020

It is inherently permutation invariant for processing a sequence of points, making it well-suited for point cloud learning.

Beyond Self-attention: External Attention using Two Linear Layers for Visual Tasks

MenghaoGuo/-EANet 5 May 2021

Attention mechanisms, especially self-attention, have played an increasingly important role in deep feature representation for visual tasks.

Deep Sets

lwtnn/lwtnn NeurIPS 2017

Our main theorem characterizes the permutation invariant functions and provides a family of functions to which any permutation invariant objective function must belong.

Relation-Shape Convolutional Neural Network for Point Cloud Analysis

Yochengliu/Relation-Shape-CNN CVPR 2019

Specifically, the convolutional weight for local point set is forced to learn a high-level relation expression from predefined geometric priors, between a sampled point from this point set and the others.

3D Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation using 3D Modified Fisher Vector Representation for Convolutional Neural Networks

sitzikbs/3DmFV-Net 22 Nov 2017

The point cloud is gaining prominence as a method for representing 3D shapes, but its irregular format poses a challenge for deep learning methods.

PointHop: An Explainable Machine Learning Method for Point Cloud Classification

minzhang-1/PointHop 30 Jul 2019

In the attribute building stage, we address the problem of unordered point cloud data using a space partitioning procedure and developing a robust descriptor that characterizes the relationship between a point and its one-hop neighbor in a PointHop unit.

Spherical Kernel for Efficient Graph Convolution on 3D Point Clouds

hlei-ziyan/SPH3D-GCN 20 Sep 2019

We propose a spherical kernel for efficient graph convolution of 3D point clouds.

Revisiting Point Cloud Shape Classification with a Simple and Effective Baseline

princeton-vl/SimpleView 9 Jun 2021

It also outperforms state-of-the-art methods on ScanObjectNN, a real-world point cloud benchmark, and demonstrates better cross-dataset generalization.

Benchmarking and Analyzing Point Cloud Classification under Corruptions

jiawei-ren/modelnetc 7 Feb 2022

3D perception, especially point cloud classification, has achieved substantial progress.