Predictive Process Monitoring

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A branch of predictive analysis that attempts to predict some future state of a business process.


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Evaluating Explainable Methods for Predictive Process Analytics: A Functionally-Grounded Approach

Mythreyi-V/PPA_Evaluation 8 Dec 2020

Current explainable machine learning methods, such as LIME and SHAP, can be used to interpret black box models.

Feature Importance Predictive Process Monitoring

08 Dec 2020

Explainable Predictive Process Monitoring

PyRicky/LSTM_Generic_explainable 4 Aug 2020

Predictive Business Process Monitoring is becoming an essential aid for organizations, providing online operational support of their processes.

Predictive Process Monitoring

04 Aug 2020

Predictive Business Process Monitoring via Generative Adversarial Nets: The Case of Next Event Prediction

farbodtaymouri/GanPredictiveMonitoring 25 Mar 2020

Predictive process monitoring aims to predict future characteristics of an ongoing process case, such as case outcome or remaining timestamp.

Predictive Process Monitoring

25 Mar 2020

Fire Now, Fire Later: Alarm-Based Systems for Prescriptive Process Monitoring

samadeusfp/alarmBasedPrescriptiveProcessMonitoring 23 May 2019

Predictive process monitoring is a family of techniques to analyze events produced during the execution of a business process in order to predict the future state or the final outcome of running process instances.

Predictive Process Monitoring

23 May 2019

Alarm-Based Prescriptive Process Monitoring

TaXxER/AlarmBasedProcessPrediction 23 Mar 2018

Predictive process monitoring is concerned with the analysis of events produced during the execution of a process in order to predict the future state of ongoing cases thereof.

Predictive Process Monitoring

23 Mar 2018

Temporal Stability in Predictive Process Monitoring

irhete/stability-predictive-monitoring 12 Dec 2017

We then show that temporal stability can be enhanced by hyperparameter-optimizing random forests and XGBoost classifiers with respect to inter-run stability.

Predictive Process Monitoring Time Series

12 Dec 2017

Outcome-Oriented Predictive Process Monitoring: Review and Benchmark

irhete/predictive-monitoring-benchmark 21 Jul 2017

Predictive business process monitoring refers to the act of making predictions about the future state of ongoing cases of a business process, based on their incomplete execution traces and logs of historical (completed) traces.

Predictive Process Monitoring

21 Jul 2017