Program Synthesis

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Greatest papers with code

SpreadsheetCoder: Formula Prediction from Semi-structured Context

google-research/google-research 26 Jun 2021

In this work, we present the first approach for synthesizing spreadsheet formulas from tabular context, which includes both headers and semi-structured tabular data.

Program Synthesis

Learning to Execute Programs with Instruction Pointer Attention Graph Neural Networks

google-research/google-research NeurIPS 2020

More practically, we evaluate these models on the task of learning to execute partial programs, as might arise if using the model as a heuristic function in program synthesis.

Code Completion Learning to Execute +2

Comparison of Syntactic and Semantic Representations of Programs in Neural Embeddings

tkipf/pygcn 24 Jan 2020

Neural approaches to program synthesis and understanding have proliferated widely in the last few years; at the same time graph based neural networks have become a promising new tool.

Program Synthesis

Programming Puzzles

microsoft/PythonProgrammingPuzzles 10 Jun 2021

The dataset is comprehensive in that it spans problems of a range of difficulties and domains, ranging from trivial string manipulation problems, to classic programming puzzles (e. g., Tower of Hanoi), to interview/competitive-programming problems (e. g., dynamic programming), to longstanding open problems in algorithms and mathematics (e. g., factoring).

Code Generation Language understanding +2

Memory Augmented Policy Optimization for Program Synthesis and Semantic Parsing

crazydonkey200/neural-symbolic-machines NeurIPS 2018

We present Memory Augmented Policy Optimization (MAPO), a simple and novel way to leverage a memory buffer of promising trajectories to reduce the variance of policy gradient estimate.

Combinatorial Optimization Program Synthesis +2

DreamCoder: Growing generalizable, interpretable knowledge with wake-sleep Bayesian program learning

ellisk42/ec 15 Jun 2020

It builds expertise by creating programming languages for expressing domain concepts, together with neural networks to guide the search for programs within these languages.

Drawing Pictures Program induction +1

Novel positional encodings to enable tree-based transformers

microsoft/icecaps NeurIPS 2019

Neural models optimized for tree-based problems are of great value in tasks like SQL query extraction and program synthesis.

Program Synthesis Semantic Parsing +1

TF-Coder: Program Synthesis for Tensor Manipulations

google-research/tensorflow-coder NeurIPS Workshop CAP 2020

The success and popularity of deep learning is on the rise, partially due to powerful deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch that make it easier to develop deep learning models.

Enumerative Search

SketchGraphs: A Large-Scale Dataset for Modeling Relational Geometry in Computer-Aided Design

PrincetonLIPS/SketchGraphs 16 Jul 2020

Parametric computer-aided design (CAD) is the dominant paradigm in mechanical engineering for physical design.

Program Synthesis