Protein Folding

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Protein Folding Neural Networks Are Not Robust

no code yet • 9 Sep 2021

We define the robustness measure for the predicted structure of a protein sequence to be the inverse of the root-mean-square distance (RMSD) in the predicted structure and the structure of its adversarially perturbed sequence.

Adversarial Attack Protein Folding

Variational embedding of protein folding simulations using gaussian mixture variational autoencoders

no code yet • 27 Aug 2021

We show that GMVAE can learn a reduced representation of the free energy landscape of protein folding with highly separated clusters that correspond to the metastable states during folding.

Dimensionality Reduction Protein Folding

Exploring generative atomic models in cryo-EM reconstruction

no code yet • 3 Jul 2021

Although reconstruction algorithms typically model the 3D volume as a generic function parameterized as a voxel array or neural network, the underlying atomic structure of the protein of interest places well-defined physical constraints on the reconstructed structure.

Protein Folding

Embedding Principle of Loss Landscape of Deep Neural Networks

no code yet • 30 May 2021

Understanding the structure of loss landscape of deep neural networks (DNNs)is obviously important.

Protein Folding

Protein folding simulations in the hydrophobic-polar model using a hybrid cuckoo search algorithm

no code yet • 22 May 2021

A protein is a linear chain containing a set of amino acids, which folds on itself to create a specific native structure, also called the minimum energy conformation.

Protein Folding

EBM-Fold: Fully-Differentiable Protein Folding Powered by Energy-based Models

no code yet • 11 May 2021

In this paper, we propose a fully-differentiable approach for protein structure optimization, guided by a data-driven generative network.

Denoising Protein Folding +1

Predictive landscapes for biological cellular automata

no code yet • 5 May 2021

Cellular automata with verbal rules are underexplored in biology.

Protein Folding

Quadratic Optimization-Based Nonlinear Control for Protein Conformation Prediction

no code yet • 27 Apr 2021

The resulting kinetostatic control torque inputs will be close to the KCM-based reference vector field and guaranteed to be constrained by a predetermined bound; hence, high-entropy-loss routes during folding are avoided while the energy of the molecule is decreased.

Protein Folding

Mimetic Neural Networks: A unified framework for Protein Design and Folding

no code yet • 7 Feb 2021

Recent advancements in machine learning techniques for protein folding motivate better results in its inverse problem -- protein design.

Protein Folding

QFold: Quantum Walks and Deep Learning to Solve Protein Folding

no code yet • 25 Jan 2021

We develop quantum computational tools to predict how proteins fold in 3D, one of the most important problems in current biochemical research.

Protein Folding Quantum Physics