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Most implemented papers

Diverse Beam Search: Decoding Diverse Solutions from Neural Sequence Models

ashwinkalyan/dbs 7 Oct 2016

We observe that our method consistently outperforms BS and previously proposed techniques for diverse decoding from neural sequence models.

Learning to Ask: Neural Question Generation for Reading Comprehension

xinyadu/nqg ACL 2017

We study automatic question generation for sentences from text passages in reading comprehension.

Unified Language Model Pre-training for Natural Language Understanding and Generation

microsoft/unilm NeurIPS 2019

This paper presents a new Unified pre-trained Language Model (UniLM) that can be fine-tuned for both natural language understanding and generation tasks.

Neural Question Generation from Text: A Preliminary Study

magic282/NQG 6 Apr 2017

Automatic question generation aims to generate questions from a text passage where the generated questions can be answered by certain sub-spans of the given passage.

Machine Comprehension by Text-to-Text Neural Question Generation

bloomsburyai/question-generation WS 2017

We propose a recurrent neural model that generates natural-language questions from documents, conditioned on answers.

Synthetic QA Corpora Generation with Roundtrip Consistency

patil-suraj/question_generation ACL 2019

We introduce a novel method of generating synthetic question answering corpora by combining models of question generation and answer extraction, and by filtering the results to ensure roundtrip consistency.

ProphetNet: Predicting Future N-gram for Sequence-to-Sequence Pre-training

microsoft/ProphetNet 13 Jan 2020

This paper presents a new sequence-to-sequence pre-training model called ProphetNet, which introduces a novel self-supervised objective named future n-gram prediction and the proposed n-stream self-attention mechanism.

ERNIE-GEN: An Enhanced Multi-Flow Pre-training and Fine-tuning Framework for Natural Language Generation

PaddlePaddle/ERNIE 26 Jan 2020

Current pre-training works in natural language generation pay little attention to the problem of exposure bias on downstream tasks.

Simplifying Paragraph-level Question Generation via Transformer Language Models

patil-suraj/question_generation 3 May 2020

Question generation (QG) is a natural language generation task where a model is trained to ask questions corresponding to some input text.