Relation Classification

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Relation Classification is the task of identifying the semantic relation holding between two nominal entities in text.

Source: Structure Regularized Neural Network for Entity Relation Classification for Chinese Literature Text

AttentionSiteDTI: an interpretable graph-based model for drug-target interaction prediction using NLP sentence-level relation classification

yazdanimehdi/AttentionSiteDTI Briefings in Bioinformatics 2022

In this study, we introduce an interpretable graph-based deep learning prediction model, AttentionSiteDTI, which utilizes protein binding sites along with a self-attention mechanism to address the problem of drug–target interaction prediction.

12 Jul 2022

Enhancing Targeted Minority Class Prediction in Sentence-Level Relation Extraction

henry-paik/EnhancingREMC Sensors 2022

Sentence-level relation extraction (RE) has a highly imbalanced data distribution that about 80% of data are labeled as negative, i. e., no relation; and there exist minority classes (MC) among positive labels; furthermore, some of MC instances have an incorrect label.

29 Jun 2022

Relation-Specific Attentions over Entity Mentions for Enhanced Document-Level Relation Extraction

fduyjx/rsman NAACL 2022

Compared with traditional sentence-level relation extraction, document-level relation extraction is a more challenging task where an entity in a document may be mentioned multiple times and associated with multiple relations.

28 May 2022

DeepStruct: Pretraining of Language Models for Structure Prediction

cgraywang/deepstruct Findings (ACL) 2022

We introduce a method for improving the structural understanding abilities of language models.

21 May 2022

Why only Micro-F1? Class Weighting of Measures for Relation Classification

dfki-nlp/weighting-schemes-report nlppower (ACL) 2022

Relation classification models are conventionally evaluated using only a single measure, e. g., micro-F1, macro-F1 or AUC.

19 May 2022

Few-Shot Document-Level Relation Extraction

nicpopovic/fredo NAACL 2022

We present FREDo, a few-shot document-level relation extraction (FSDLRE) benchmark.

04 May 2022

Unified Semantic Typing with Meaningful Label Inference

luka-group/unist NAACL 2022

Semantic typing aims at classifying tokens or spans of interest in a textual context into semantic categories such as relations, entity types, and event types.

04 May 2022

What do You Mean by Relation Extraction? A Survey on Datasets and Study on Scientific Relation Classification

Kaleidophon/deep-significance ACL 2022

Over the last five years, research on Relation Extraction (RE) witnessed extensive progress with many new dataset releases.

28 Apr 2022

Selecting Optimal Context Sentences for Event-Event Relation Extraction

hieumdt/SCS-EERE AAAI 2022

To achieve this goal, our work addresses the problems of subevent relation extraction (SRE) and temporal event relation extraction (TRE) that aim to predict subevent and temporal relations between two given event mentions/triggers in texts.

02 Apr 2022

RelationPrompt: Leveraging Prompts to Generate Synthetic Data for Zero-Shot Relation Triplet Extraction

declare-lab/relationprompt Findings (ACL) 2022

We introduce the task setting of Zero-Shot Relation Triplet Extraction (ZeroRTE) to encourage further research in low-resource relation extraction methods.

17 Mar 2022