Response Generation

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A task where an agent should play the $DE$ role and generate a text to respond to a $P$ message.


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A Diversity-Promoting Objective Function for Neural Conversation Models

pender/chatbot-rnn NAACL 2016

Sequence-to-sequence neural network models for generation of conversational responses tend to generate safe, commonplace responses (e. g., "I don't know") regardless of the input.

A Hierarchical Latent Variable Encoder-Decoder Model for Generating Dialogues

julianser/hed-dlg-truncated 19 May 2016

Sequential data often possesses a hierarchical structure with complex dependencies between subsequences, such as found between the utterances in a dialogue.

Unified Language Model Pre-training for Natural Language Understanding and Generation

microsoft/unilm NeurIPS 2019

This paper presents a new Unified pre-trained Language Model (UniLM) that can be fine-tuned for both natural language understanding and generation tasks.

DialoGPT: Large-Scale Generative Pre-training for Conversational Response Generation

microsoft/DialoGPT 1 Nov 2019

We present a large, tunable neural conversational response generation model, DialoGPT (dialogue generative pre-trained transformer).

MASS: Masked Sequence to Sequence Pre-training for Language Generation

microsoft/MASS 7 May 2019

Pre-training and fine-tuning, e. g., BERT, have achieved great success in language understanding by transferring knowledge from rich-resource pre-training task to the low/zero-resource downstream tasks.

Multiresolution Recurrent Neural Networks: An Application to Dialogue Response Generation

julianser/Ubuntu-Multiresolution-Tools 2 Jun 2016

We introduce the multiresolution recurrent neural network, which extends the sequence-to-sequence framework to model natural language generation as two parallel discrete stochastic processes: a sequence of high-level coarse tokens, and a sequence of natural language tokens.

CoSQL: A Conversational Text-to-SQL Challenge Towards Cross-Domain Natural Language Interfaces to Databases

ryanzhumich/editsql IJCNLP 2019

We present CoSQL, a corpus for building cross-domain, general-purpose database (DB) querying dialogue systems.

Relevance of Unsupervised Metrics in Task-Oriented Dialogue for Evaluating Natural Language Generation

Maluuba/nlg-eval ICLR 2018

However, previous work in dialogue response generation has shown that these metrics do not correlate strongly with human judgment in the non task-oriented dialogue setting.

DialogWAE: Multimodal Response Generation with Conditional Wasserstein Auto-Encoder

guxd/DialogWAE ICLR 2019

Variational autoencoders~(VAEs) have shown a promise in data-driven conversation modeling.

Response Generation by Context-aware Prototype Editing

MarkWuNLP/ResponseEdit 19 Jun 2018

Open domain response generation has achieved remarkable progress in recent years, but sometimes yields short and uninformative responses.