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Implementing a Reverse Dictionary, based on word definitions, using a Node-Graph Architecture

novelmartis/RD16demo COLING 2016

In this paper, we outline an approach to build graph-based reverse dictionaries using word definitions.

Learning sentence embeddings using Recursive Networks

dyashkir/todo-ideas-links 22 May 2018

Learning sentence vectors that generalise well is a challenging task.

Learning to Represent Bilingual Dictionaries

muhaochen/bilingual_dictionaries CONLL 2019

Bilingual word embeddings have been widely used to capture the similarity of lexical semantics in different human languages.

Multi-channel Reverse Dictionary Model

thunlp/MultiRD 18 Dec 2019

A reverse dictionary takes the description of a target word as input and outputs the target word together with other words that match the description.

WantWords: An Open-source Online Reverse Dictionary System

thunlp/WantWords EMNLP 2020

A reverse dictionary takes descriptions of words as input and outputs words semantically matching the input descriptions.

PREDICT: Persian Reverse Dictionary

AUT-Data-Group/PREDICT-Persian-Reverse-Dictionary 1 May 2021

Finding the appropriate words to convey concepts (i. e., lexical access) is essential for effective communication.

AmbiPun: Generating Humorous Puns with Ambiguous Context

pluslabnlp/ambipun NAACL 2022

In this paper, we propose a simple yet effective way to generate pun sentences that does not require any training on existing puns.

A Unified Model for Reverse Dictionary and Definition Modelling

pinzhenchen/unifiedrevdicdefmod 9 May 2022

We build a dual-way neural dictionary to retrieve words given definitions, and produce definitions for queried words.

IRB-NLP at SemEval-2022 Task 1: Exploring the Relationship Between Words and Their Semantic Representations

timotheemickus/codwoe SemEval (NAACL) 2022

We give a detailed overview of the systems that we designed for Definition Modeling and Reverse Dictionary tasks, and that achieved top scores on SemEval-2022 CODWOE challenge in several subtasks.