Robot Manipulation

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Most implemented papers

DeepIM: Deep Iterative Matching for 6D Pose Estimation

liyi14/mx-DeepIM ECCV 2018

Estimating the 6D pose of objects from images is an important problem in various applications such as robot manipulation and virtual reality.

SilhoNet: An RGB Method for 6D Object Pose Estimation

gidobot/SilhoNet 18 Sep 2018

Autonomous robot manipulation involves estimating the translation and orientation of the object to be manipulated as a 6-degree-of-freedom (6D) pose.

Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Manipulation using Simulated Locomotion Demonstrations

WMGDataScience/sldr 16 Oct 2019

In order to exploit this idea, we introduce a framework whereby an object locomotion policy is initially obtained using a realistic physics simulator.

Learning 3D Dynamic Scene Representations for Robot Manipulation

columbia-robovision/dsr 3 Nov 2020

3D scene representation for robot manipulation should capture three key object properties: permanency -- objects that become occluded over time continue to exist; amodal completeness -- objects have 3D occupancy, even if only partial observations are available; spatiotemporal continuity -- the movement of each object is continuous over space and time.

Mobile Robot Manipulation using Pure Object Detection

griffbr/tfod 28 Jan 2022

We develop an end-to-end manipulation method based solely on detection and introduce Task-focused Few-shot Object Detection (TFOD) to learn new objects and settings.

What Matters in Language Conditioned Robotic Imitation Learning over Unstructured Data

mees/hulc 13 Apr 2022

We have open-sourced our implementation to facilitate future research in learning to perform many complex manipulation skills in a row specified with natural language.

Reward Uncertainty for Exploration in Preference-based Reinforcement Learning

apple/ml-reed ICLR 2022

Our intuition is that disagreement in learned reward model reflects uncertainty in tailored human feedback and could be useful for exploration.

Instruction-driven history-aware policies for robotic manipulations

vlc-robot/polarnet 11 Sep 2022

In human environments, robots are expected to accomplish a variety of manipulation tasks given simple natural language instructions.

VIMA: General Robot Manipulation with Multimodal Prompts

vimalabs/VIMABench 6 Oct 2022

We show that a wide spectrum of robot manipulation tasks can be expressed with multimodal prompts, interleaving textual and visual tokens.

Act3D: 3D Feature Field Transformers for Multi-Task Robotic Manipulation

zhouxian/act3d-chained-diffuser 30 Jun 2023

3D perceptual representations are well suited for robot manipulation as they easily encode occlusions and simplify spatial reasoning.