Scanpath prediction

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Learning to Predict Sequences of Human Fixations.


Most implemented papers

SaltiNet: Scan-path Prediction on 360 Degree Images using Saliency Volumes

massens/saliency-360salient-2017 11 Jul 2017

The first part of the network consists of a model trained to generate saliency volumes, whose parameters are fit by back-propagation computed from a binary cross entropy (BCE) loss over downsampled versions of the saliency volumes.

Variational Laws of Visual Attention for Dynamic Scenes

dariozanca/eymol NeurIPS 2017

We devise variational laws of the eye-movement that rely on a generalized view of the Least Action Principle in physics.

PathGAN: Visual Scanpath Prediction with Generative Adversarial Networks

imatge-upc/pathgan 3 Sep 2018

We introduce PathGAN, a deep neural network for visual scanpath prediction trained on adversarial examples.

Gravitational Laws of Focus of Attention

dariozanca/G-Eymol IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 2019

The understanding of the mechanisms behind focus of attention in a visual scene is a problem of great interest in visual perception and computer vision.