Scene-Aware Dialogue

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Most implemented papers

Audio-Visual Scene-Aware Dialog

batra-mlp-lab/avsd 25 Jan 2019

We introduce the task of scene-aware dialog.

A Simple Baseline for Audio-Visual Scene-Aware Dialog

idansc/simple-avsd CVPR 2019

The recently proposed audio-visual scene-aware dialog task paves the way to a more data-driven way of learning virtual assistants, smart speakers and car navigation systems.

Maintaining Common Ground in Dynamic Environments

Alab-NII/dynamic-onecommon 29 May 2021

Common grounding is the process of creating and maintaining mutual understandings, which is a critical aspect of sophisticated human communication.

An Embodied Generalist Agent in 3D World

embodied-generalist/embodied-generalist 18 Nov 2023

Leveraging massive knowledge and learning schemes from large language models (LLMs), recent machine learning models show notable successes in building generalist agents that exhibit the capability of general-purpose task solving in diverse domains, including natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics.