Scene Change Detection

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Scene change detection (SCD) refers to the task of localizing changes and identifying change-categories given two scenes. A scene can be either an RGB (+D) image or a 3D reconstruction (point cloud). If the scene is an image, SCD is a form of pixel-level prediction because each pixel in the image is classified according to a category. On the other hand, if the scene is point cloud, SCD is a form of point-level prediction because each point in the cloud is classified according to a category.

Some example benchmarks for this task are VL-CMU-CD, PCD, and CD2014. Recently, more complicated benchmarks such as ChangeSim, HDMap, and Mallscape are released.

Models are usually evaluated with the Mean Intersection-Over-Union (Mean IoU), Pixel Accuracy, or F1 metrics.

Most implemented papers

Learning to Measure Change: Fully Convolutional Siamese Metric Networks for Scene Change Detection

gmayday1997/ChangeDet 22 Oct 2018

A critical challenge problem of scene change detection is that noisy changes generated by varying illumination, shadows and camera viewpoint make variances of a scene difficult to define and measure since the noisy changes and semantic ones are entangled.

Weakly Supervised Silhouette-based Semantic Scene Change Detection

xdspacelab/sscdnet 29 Nov 2018

A straightforward approach for this task is to train a semantic change detection network directly from a large-scale dataset in an end-to-end manner.

Multi-Temporal Scene Classification and Scene Change Detection with Correlation based Fusion

rulixiang/CorrFusionNet 3 Jun 2020

In this work, we proposed a CorrFusion module that fuses the highly correlated components in bi-temporal feature embeddings.

DR-TANet: Dynamic Receptive Temporal Attention Network for Street Scene Change Detection

Herrccc/DR-TANet 1 Mar 2021

Street scene change detection continues to capture researchers' interests in the computer vision community.

ChangeSim: Towards End-to-End Online Scene Change Detection in Industrial Indoor Environments

SAMMiCA/ChangeSim 9 Mar 2021

We present a challenging dataset, ChangeSim, aimed at online scene change detection (SCD) and more.

Differencing based Self-supervised pretraining for Scene Change Detection

neurai-lab/dsp 11 Aug 2022

SCD is challenging due to noisy changes in illumination, seasonal variations, and perspective differences across a pair of views.