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Multimodal Chain-of-Thought Reasoning in Language Models

amazon-science/mm-cot 2 Feb 2023

Large language models (LLMs) have shown impressive performance on complex reasoning by leveraging chain-of-thought (CoT) prompting to generate intermediate reasoning chains as the rationale to infer the answer.

Towards CausalGPT: A Multi-Agent Approach for Faithful Knowledge Reasoning via Promoting Causal Consistency in LLMs

hcplab-sysu/causalvlr 23 Aug 2023

Despite advancements in LLMs, knowledge-based reasoning remains a longstanding issue due to the fragility of knowledge recall and inference.

Chat-UniVi: Unified Visual Representation Empowers Large Language Models with Image and Video Understanding

pku-yuangroup/chat-univi 14 Nov 2023

Large language models have demonstrated impressive universal capabilities across a wide range of open-ended tasks and have extended their utility to encompass multimodal conversations.

Unification-based Reconstruction of Multi-hop Explanations for Science Questions

ai-systems/unification_reconstruction_explanations EACL 2021

This paper presents a novel framework for reconstructing multi-hop explanations in science Question Answering (QA).

Dynamic Semantic Graph Construction and Reasoning for Explainable Multi-hop Science Question Answering

wwxu21/AMR-SG Findings (ACL) 2021

Our framework contains three new ideas: (a) {\tt AMR-SG}, an AMR-based Semantic Graph, constructed by candidate fact AMRs to uncover any hop relations among question, answer and multiple facts.

Exploiting Reasoning Chains for Multi-hop Science Question Answering

wwxu21/cgr Findings (EMNLP) 2021

We propose a novel Chain Guided Retriever-reader ({\tt CGR}) framework to model the reasoning chain for multi-hop Science Question Answering.

Learn to Explain: Multimodal Reasoning via Thought Chains for Science Question Answering

lupantech/ScienceQA 20 Sep 2022

We further design language models to learn to generate lectures and explanations as the chain of thought (CoT) to mimic the multi-hop reasoning process when answering ScienceQA questions.

Two is Better than Many? Binary Classification as an Effective Approach to Multi-Choice Question Answering

declare-lab/team 29 Oct 2022

We show the efficacy of our proposed approach in different tasks -- abductive reasoning, commonsense question answering, science question answering, and sentence completion.

T-SciQ: Teaching Multimodal Chain-of-Thought Reasoning via Mixed Large Language Model Signals for Science Question Answering

t-sciq/t-sciq 5 May 2023

To address these issues, we propose a novel method termed T-SciQ that aims at teaching science question answering with LLM signals.

Cheap and Quick: Efficient Vision-Language Instruction Tuning for Large Language Models

luogen1996/lavin NeurIPS 2023

To validate MMA, we apply it to a recent LLM called LLaMA and term this formed large vision-language instructed model as LaVIN.