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Improving the Representation and Conversion of Mathematical Formulae by Considering their Textual Context

ag-gipp/MathMLben 13 Apr 2018

Enabling computers to access the information encoded in mathematical formulae requires machine-readable formats that can represent both the presentation and content, i. e., the semantics, of formulae.

Incorporating Features Learned by an Enhanced Deep Knowledge Tracing Model for STEM/Non-STEM Job Prediction

ckyeungac/ADM2017 6 Jun 2018

The 2017 ASSISTments Data Mining competition aims to use data from a longitudinal study for predicting a brand-new outcome of students which had never been studied before by the educational data mining research community.

Mathematics Content Understanding for Cyberlearning via Formula Evolution Map

GraphEmbedding/FEM 31 Dec 2018

Although the scientific digital library is growing at a rapid pace, scholars/students often find reading Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) literature daunting, especially for the math-content/formula.

A Framework for Democratizing AI

mlsquare/mlsquare 1 Jan 2020

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are considered an integral part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Domain-independent Extraction of Scientific Concepts from Research Articles

arthurbra/stm-corpus Accepted for publishing in 42nd European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2020 2020

We examine the novel task of domain-independent scientific concept extraction from abstracts of scholarly articles and present two contributions.

Coreference Resolution in Research Papers from Multiple Domains

arthurbra/stm-coref 4 Jan 2021

We present the following contributions: (1) We annotate a corpus for coreference resolution that comprises 10 different scientific disciplines from Science, Technology, and Medicine (STM); (2) We propose transfer learning for automatic coreference resolution in research papers; (3) We analyse the impact of coreference resolution on knowledge graph (KG) population; (4) We release a research KG that is automatically populated from 55, 485 papers in 10 STM domains.

Citation Recommendation for Research Papers via Knowledge Graphs

arthurbra/citation-recommendation-kg 10 Jun 2021

Citation recommendation for research papers is a valuable task that can help researchers improve the quality of their work by suggesting relevant related work.