Scientific Document Summarization

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Most implemented papers

Overview and Results: CL-SciSumm Shared Task 2019

WING-NUS/scisumm-corpus 23 Jul 2019

All papers are from the open access research papers in the CL domain.

The CL-SciSumm Shared Task 2018: Results and Key Insights

WING-NUS/scisumm-corpus 2 Sep 2019

This overview describes the official results of the CL-SciSumm Shared Task 2018 -- the first medium-scale shared task on scientific document summarization in the computational linguistics (CL) domain.

ScisummNet: A Large Annotated Corpus and Content-Impact Models for Scientific Paper Summarization with Citation Networks

WING-NUS/scisumm-corpus 4 Sep 2019

Scientific article summarization is challenging: large, annotated corpora are not available, and the summary should ideally include the article's impacts on research community.

Dimsum @LaySumm 20: BART-based Approach for Scientific Document Summarization

TysonYu/Laysumm 19 Oct 2020

Lay summarization aims to generate lay summaries of scientific papers automatically.

Making Science Simple: Corpora for the Lay Summarisation of Scientific Literature

tgoldsack1/corpora_for_lay_summarisation 18 Oct 2022

Lay summarisation aims to jointly summarise and simplify a given text, thus making its content more comprehensible to non-experts.