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Seizure Detection

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An IoT Endpoint System-on-Chip for Secure and Energy-Efficient Near-Sensor Analytics

18 Dec 2016pulp-platform/pulpissimo

Near-sensor data analytics is a promising direction for IoT endpoints, as it minimizes energy spent on communication and reduces network load - but it also poses security concerns, as valuable data is stored or sent over the network at various stages of the analytics pipeline.


Change Detection in Graph Streams by Learning Graph Embeddings on Constant-Curvature Manifolds

16 May 2018danielegrattarola/cdt-ccm-aae

A common approach is to use embedding techniques to represent graphs as points in a conventional Euclidean space, but non-Euclidean spaces have often been shown to be better suited for embedding graphs.


Learning Robust Features using Deep Learning for Automatic Seizure Detection

31 Jul 2016Sharad24/Epileptic-Seizure-Detection

We present and evaluate the capacity of a deep neural network to learn robust features from EEG to automatically detect seizures.