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Deep Reinforcement learning for real autonomous mobile robot navigation in indoor environments

RoblabWh/RobLearn 28 May 2020

In this paper we present our proof of concept for autonomous self-learning robot navigation in an unknown environment for a real robot without a map or planner.

Domain Adaptation without Source Data

youngryan1993/SFDA-Domain-Adaptation-without-Source-Data 3 Jul 2020

Our key idea is to leverage a pre-trained model from the source domain and progressively update the target model in a self-learning manner.

Multi-Source Domain Adaptation and Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation with Focus on Visual Domain Adaptation Challenge 2019

Panda-Peter/visda2019-multisource 8 Oct 2019

Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation: For this task, we adopt a standard self-learning framework to construct a classifier based on the labeled source and target data, and generate the pseudo labels for unlabeled target data.

Self-Learning Transformations for Improving Gaze and Head Redirection

swook/faze_preprocess NeurIPS 2020

Furthermore, we show that in the presence of limited amounts of real-world training data, our method allows for improvements in the downstream task of semi-supervised cross-dataset gaze estimation.

Knowledge Inheritance for Pre-trained Language Models

thunlp/Knowledge-Inheritance 28 May 2021

Specifically, we introduce a pre-training framework named "knowledge inheritance" (KI) and explore how could knowledge distillation serve as auxiliary supervision during pre-training to efficiently learn larger PLMs.

Maximum Bayes Smatch Ensemble Distillation for AMR Parsing

IBM/transition-amr-parser 14 Dec 2021

AMR parsing has experienced an unprecendented increase in performance in the last three years, due to a mixture of effects including architecture improvements and transfer learning.

Learning Program Synthesis for Integer Sequences from Scratch

barakeel/oeis-synthesis 24 Feb 2022

We present a self-learning approach for synthesizing programs from integer sequences.

Self-Learning Cloud Controllers: Fuzzy Q-Learning for Knowledge Evolution

pooyanjamshidi/ElasticBench 2 Jul 2015

The benefit is that for designing cloud controllers, we do not have to rely solely on precise design-time knowledge, which may be difficult to acquire.

End2You -- The Imperial Toolkit for Multimodal Profiling by End-to-End Learning

end2you/end2you 4 Feb 2018

To our knowledge, this is the first toolkit that provides generic end-to-end learning for profiling capabilities in either unimodal or multimodal cases.

A Deep Q-Learning Agent for the L-Game with Variable Batch Training

petrosgk/L-Game-DQN 17 Feb 2018

We employ the Deep Q-Learning algorithm with Experience Replay to train an agent capable of achieving a high-level of play in the L-Game while self-learning from low-dimensional states.