Self-Organized Clustering

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Clustering with Self-Organized Maps

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Deep Embedded SOM: Joint Representation Learning and Self-Organization

FlorentF9/DESOM ESANN 2019 2019

In the wake of recent advances in joint clustering and deep learning, we introduce the Deep Embedded Self-Organizing Map, a model that jointly learns representations and the code vectors of a self-organizing map.

The GH-EXIN neural network for hierarchical clustering

pietrobarbiero/ghexin Neural Networks 2020

Furthermore, an important and very promising application of GH-EXIN in two-way hierarchical clustering, for the analysis of gene expression data in the study of the colorectal cancer is described.

A Survey and Implementation of Performance Metrics for Self-Organized Maps

FlorentF9/SOMperf 11 Nov 2020

Quantitative evaluation of self-organizing maps (SOM) is a subset of clustering validation, which is a challenging problem as such.