Self-Supervised Audio Classification

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Most implemented papers

ATST: Audio Representation Learning with Teacher-Student Transformer

Audio-WestlakeU/audiossl 26 Apr 2022

Self-supervised learning (SSL) learns knowledge from a large amount of unlabeled data, and then transfers the knowledge to a specific problem with a limited number of labeled data.

Putting An End to End-to-End: Gradient-Isolated Learning of Representations

loeweX/Greedy_InfoMax NeurIPS 2019

We propose a novel deep learning method for local self-supervised representation learning that does not require labels nor end-to-end backpropagation but exploits the natural order in data instead.

Self-Supervised Learning by Cross-Modal Audio-Video Clustering

HumamAlwassel/XDC NeurIPS 2020

To the best of our knowledge, XDC is the first self-supervised learning method that outperforms large-scale fully-supervised pretraining for action recognition on the same architecture.

Audio-Visual Instance Discrimination with Cross-Modal Agreement

facebookresearch/AVID-CMA CVPR 2021

Our method uses contrastive learning for cross-modal discrimination of video from audio and vice-versa.

Self-Supervised MultiModal Versatile Networks

deepmind/deepmind-research NeurIPS 2020

In particular, we explore how best to combine the modalities, such that fine-grained representations of the visual and audio modalities can be maintained, whilst also integrating text into a common embedding.

Broaden Your Views for Self-Supervised Video Learning

deepmind/brave ICCV 2021

Most successful self-supervised learning methods are trained to align the representations of two independent views from the data.

Self-Supervised Audio-Visual Representation Learning with Relaxed Cross-Modal Synchronicity

pritamqu/CrissCross 9 Nov 2021

We present CrissCross, a self-supervised framework for learning audio-visual representations.