Semantic correspondence

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The task of semantic correspondence aims to establish reliable visual correspondence between different instances of the same object category.

Greatest papers with code

End-to-end weakly-supervised semantic alignment

ignacio-rocco/weakalign CVPR 2018

We tackle the task of semantic alignment where the goal is to compute dense semantic correspondence aligning two images depicting objects of the same category.

Semantic correspondence

CoCosNet v2: Full-Resolution Correspondence Learning for Image Translation

microsoft/CoCosNet-v2 CVPR 2021

We present the full-resolution correspondence learning for cross-domain images, which aids image translation.

Image-to-Image Translation Semantic correspondence

Neighbourhood Consensus Networks

ignacio-rocco/ncnet NeurIPS 2018

Second, we demonstrate that the model can be trained effectively from weak supervision in the form of matching and non-matching image pairs without the need for costly manual annotation of point to point correspondences.

Ranked #2 on Semantic correspondence on PF-PASCAL (PCK (weak) metric)

Semantic correspondence Visual Localization

Deep Exemplar-based Video Colorization

zhangmozhe/video-colorization CVPR 2019

This paper presents the first end-to-end network for exemplar-based video colorization.

Colorization Semantic correspondence

SnapMix: Semantically Proportional Mixing for Augmenting Fine-grained Data

Shaoli-Huang/SnapMix 9 Dec 2020

As the main discriminative information of a fine-grained image usually resides in subtle regions, methods along this line are prone to heavy label noise in fine-grained recognition.

Fine-Grained Image Classification Semantic Composition +1

Attentive Normalization for Conditional Image Generation

shepnerd/AttenNorm CVPR 2020

Traditional convolution-based generative adversarial networks synthesize images based on hierarchical local operations, where long-range dependency relation is implicitly modeled with a Markov chain.

Conditional Image Generation Semantic correspondence +2

Hyperpixel Flow: Semantic Correspondence with Multi-layer Neural Features

juhongm999/hpf ICCV 2019

Establishing visual correspondences under large intra-class variations requires analyzing images at different levels, from features linked to semantics and context to local patterns, while being invariant to instance-specific details.

Semantic correspondence

Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation via Semantic Correspondence Learning with Dynamic Graph Convolution

EvelynFan/FAU 20 Apr 2020

The intensity estimation of facial action units (AUs) is challenging due to subtle changes in the person's facial appearance.

Semantic correspondence

Capturing Semantic Similarity for Entity Linking with Convolutional Neural Networks

matthewfl/nlp-entity-convnet NAACL 2016

A key challenge in entity linking is making effective use of contextual information to disambiguate mentions that might refer to different entities in different contexts.

Entity Linking Semantic correspondence +2

Semantic Correspondence as an Optimal Transport Problem

csyanbin/SCOT CVPR 2020

Establishing dense correspondences across semantically similar images is a challenging task.

Semantic correspondence