Semantic Image Matting

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Most implemented papers

Deep Image Matting

PaddlePaddle/PaddleSeg CVPR 2017

We evaluate our algorithm on the image matting benchmark, our testing set, and a wide variety of real images.

Instance Segmentation based Semantic Matting for Compositing Applications

p0ete/Image-Segmentation-With-Trimap 10 Apr 2019

In order to achieve automatic compositing in natural scenes, we propose a fully automated method that integrates instance segmentation and image matting processes to generate high-quality semantic mattes that can be used for image editing task.

Indices Matter: Learning to Index for Deep Image Matting

poppinace/indexnet_matting ICCV 2019

We show that existing upsampling operators can be unified with the notion of the index function.

Natural Image Matting via Guided Contextual Attention

Yaoyi-Li/GCA-Matting 13 Jan 2020

Inspired by affinity-based method and the successes of contextual attention in inpainting, we develop a novel end-to-end approach for natural image matting with a guided contextual attention module, which is specifically designed for image matting.

Semantic Image Matting

nowsyn/SIM CVPR 2021

Specifically, we consider and learn 20 classes of matting patterns, and propose to extend the conventional trimap to semantic trimap.