Semantic Part Detection

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Most implemented papers

Semantic Part Detection via Matching: Learning to Generalize to Novel Viewpoints from Limited Training Data

ytongbai/SemanticPartDetection ICCV 2019

In particular, this enables images in the training dataset to be matched to a virtual 3D model of the object (for simplicity, we assume that the object viewpoint can be estimated by standard techniques).

Fine-Grained 3D Shape Classification with Hierarchical Part-View Attentions

liuxinhai/FG3D-Net 26 May 2020

According to our experiments under this fine-grained dataset, we find that state-of-the-art methods are significantly limited by the small variance among subcategories in the same category.

Attention-based Joint Detection of Object and Semantic Part

kevalmorabia97/Object-and-Semantic-Part-Detection-pyTorch 5 Jul 2020

In this paper, we address the problem of joint detection of objects like dog and its semantic parts like face, leg, etc.