Semi-Supervised Person Bounding Box Detection

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Unbiased Teacher for Semi-Supervised Object Detection

facebookresearch/unbiased-teacher ICLR 2021

To address this, we introduce Unbiased Teacher, a simple yet effective approach that jointly trains a student and a gradually progressing teacher in a mutually-beneficial manner.

Image Classification Object Detection +2

Unsupervised domain adaptation for clinician pose estimation and instance segmentation in the OR

camma-public/hpe-adaptor 26 Aug 2021

Second, to address the domain shift and the lack of annotations, we propose a novel unsupervised domain adaptation method, called \emph{AdaptOR}, to adapt a model from an \emph{in-the-wild} labeled source domain to a statistically different unlabeled target domain.

Semi-Supervised Human Pose Estimation Semi-Supervised Person Bounding Box Detection +2