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BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding

tensorflow/models NAACL 2019

We introduce a new language representation model called BERT, which stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.

Common Sense Reasoning Conversational Response Selection +6

A Sensitivity Analysis of (and Practitioners' Guide to) Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification

brightmart/text_classification IJCNLP 2017

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) have recently achieved remarkably strong performance on the practically important task of sentence classification (kim 2014, kalchbrenner 2014, johnson 2014).

General Classification Sentence Classification

Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification

facebookresearch/pytext EMNLP 2014

We report on a series of experiments with convolutional neural networks (CNN) trained on top of pre-trained word vectors for sentence-level classification tasks.

General Classification Sentence Classification +1

What you can cram into a single vector: Probing sentence embeddings for linguistic properties

facebookresearch/InferSent 3 May 2018

Although much effort has recently been devoted to training high-quality sentence embeddings, we still have a poor understanding of what they are capturing.

General Classification Sentence Classification +1

CLUE: A Chinese Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark

CLUEbenchmark/CLUE 13 Apr 2020

The advent of natural language understanding (NLU) benchmarks for English, such as GLUE and SuperGLUE allows new NLU models to be evaluated across a diverse set of tasks.

General Classification Machine Reading Comprehension +2

PubMed 200k RCT: a Dataset for Sequential Sentence Classification in Medical Abstracts

mrdbourke/tensorflow-deep-learning IJCNLP 2017

First, the majority of datasets for sequential short-text classification (i. e., classification of short texts that appear in sequences) are small: we hope that releasing a new large dataset will help develop more accurate algorithms for this task.

General Classification Sentence Classification

SciBERT: A Pretrained Language Model for Scientific Text

allenai/scibert IJCNLP 2019

Obtaining large-scale annotated data for NLP tasks in the scientific domain is challenging and expensive.

 Ranked #1 on Sentence Classification on Paper Field (using extra training data)

Citation Intent Classification Dependency Parsing +6

NMT-Keras: a Very Flexible Toolkit with a Focus on Interactive NMT and Online Learning

lvapeab/nmt-keras 9 Jul 2018

We present NMT-Keras, a flexible toolkit for training deep learning models, which puts a particular emphasis on the development of advanced applications of neural machine translation systems, such as interactive-predictive translation protocols and long-term adaptation of the translation system via continuous learning.

General Classification Machine Translation +4

Glyce: Glyph-vectors for Chinese Character Representations

ShannonAI/glyce NeurIPS 2019

However, due to the lack of rich pictographic evidence in glyphs and the weak generalization ability of standard computer vision models on character data, an effective way to utilize the glyph information remains to be found.

Chinese Dependency Parsing Chinese Named Entity Recognition +17