Sentence Retrieval

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Stacked Cross Attention for Image-Text Matching

kuanghuei/SCAN ECCV 2018

Prior work either simply aggregates the similarity of all possible pairs of regions and words without attending differentially to more and less important words or regions, or uses a multi-step attentional process to capture limited number of semantic alignments which is less interpretable.

XTREME: A Massively Multilingual Multi-task Benchmark for Evaluating Cross-lingual Generalization

google-research/xtreme 24 Mar 2020

However, these broad-coverage benchmarks have been mostly limited to English, and despite an increasing interest in multilingual models, a benchmark that enables the comprehensive evaluation of such methods on a diverse range of languages and tasks is still missing.

Multimodal Convolutional Neural Networks for Matching Image and Sentence

ryankiros/visual-semantic-embedding ICCV 2015

In this paper, we propose multimodal convolutional neural networks (m-CNNs) for matching image and sentence.

Robust Cross-lingual Embeddings from Parallel Sentences

epfml/Bi-Sent2Vec 28 Dec 2019

Recent advances in cross-lingual word embeddings have primarily relied on mapping-based methods, which project pretrained word embeddings from different languages into a shared space through a linear transformation.

Image Captioning with Deep Bidirectional LSTMs

deepsemantic/image_captioning 4 Apr 2016

This work presents an end-to-end trainable deep bidirectional LSTM (Long-Short Term Memory) model for image captioning.

Learning Two-Branch Neural Networks for Image-Text Matching Tasks

BryanPlummer/cite 11 Apr 2017

Image-language matching tasks have recently attracted a lot of attention in the computer vision field.

How Language-Neutral is Multilingual BERT?

jlibovicky/assess-multilingual-bert 8 Nov 2019

Multilingual BERT (mBERT) provides sentence representations for 104 languages, which are useful for many multi-lingual tasks.

Cross-lingual Retrieval for Iterative Self-Supervised Training

pytorch/fairseq NeurIPS 2020

Recent studies have demonstrated the cross-lingual alignment ability of multilingual pretrained language models.