Singing Voice Synthesis

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DiffSinger: Singing Voice Synthesis via Shallow Diffusion Mechanism

MoonInTheRiver/DiffSinger 6 May 2021

Singing voice synthesis (SVS) systems are built to synthesize high-quality and expressive singing voice, in which the acoustic model generates the acoustic features (e. g., mel-spectrogram) given a music score.

MLP Singer: Towards Rapid Parallel Singing Voice Synthesis

neosapience/mlp-singer arXiv 2021

Recent developments in deep learning have significantly improved the quality of synthesized singing voice audio.

Multi-Singer: Fast Multi-Singer Singing Voice Vocoder With A Large-Scale Corpus

Rongjiehuang/Multi-Singer MM '21: Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2021

High-fidelity multi-singer singing voice synthesis is challenging for neural vocoder due to the singing voice data shortage, limited singer generalization, and large computational cost.

NNSVS: A Neural Network-Based Singing Voice Synthesis Toolkit

nnsvs/nnsvs 28 Oct 2022

This paper describes the design of NNSVS, an open-source software for neural network-based singing voice synthesis research.

Singing Voice Synthesis Using Differentiable LPC and Glottal-Flow-Inspired Wavetables

yoyololicon/golf 29 Jun 2023

This paper introduces GlOttal-flow LPC Filter (GOLF), a novel method for singing voice synthesis (SVS) that exploits the physical characteristics of the human voice using differentiable digital signal processing.

Score and Lyrics-Free Singing Voice Generation

ciaua/score_lyrics_free_svg 26 Dec 2019

Generative models for singing voice have been mostly concerned with the task of ``singing voice synthesis,'' i. e., to produce singing voice waveforms given musical scores and text lyrics.

HiFiSinger: Towards High-Fidelity Neural Singing Voice Synthesis

CODEJIN/HiFiSinger 3 Sep 2020

To tackle the difficulty of singing modeling caused by high sampling rate (wider frequency band and longer waveform), we introduce multi-scale adversarial training in both the acoustic model and vocoder to improve singing modeling.

Sequence-to-sequence Singing Voice Synthesis with Perceptual Entropy Loss

SJTMusicTeam/SVS_system 22 Oct 2020

The neural network (NN) based singing voice synthesis (SVS) systems require sufficient data to train well and are prone to over-fitting due to data scarcity.

Latent Space Explorations of Singing Voice Synthesis using DDSP

juanalonso/DDSP-singing-experiments 12 Mar 2021

In this work we present a lightweight architecture, based on the Differentiable Digital Signal Processing (DDSP) library, that is able to output song-like utterances conditioned only on pitch and amplitude, after twelve hours of training using small datasets of unprocessed audio.

Sinsy: A Deep Neural Network-Based Singing Voice Synthesis System

r9y9/nnsvs 5 Aug 2021

To better model a singing voice, the proposed system incorporates improved approaches to modeling pitch and vibrato and better training criteria into the acoustic model.