Single Image Desnowing

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Most implemented papers

ALL Snow Removed: Single Image Desnowing Algorithm Using Hierarchical Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Representation and Contradict Channel Loss

weitingchen83/iccv2021-single-image-desnowing-hdcwnet ICCV 2021

Moreover, due to the limitation of existing snow datasets, to simulate the snow scenarios comprehensively, we propose a large-scale dataset called Comprehensive Snow Dataset (CSD).

TransWeather: Transformer-based Restoration of Images Degraded by Adverse Weather Conditions

jeya-maria-jose/TransWeather CVPR 2022

We also introduce a transformer decoder with learnable weather type embeddings to adjust to the weather degradation at hand.

SnowFormer: Context Interaction Transformer with Scale-awareness for Single Image Desnowing

ephemeral182/snowformer 20 Aug 2022

Due to various and complicated snow degradations, single image desnowing is a challenging image restoration task.

Exploring the potential of channel interactions for image restoration

c-yn/ChaIR Knowledge-Based Systems 2023

Image restoration aims to reconstruct a clear image from a degraded observation.