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Most implemented papers

What and How Well You Performed? A Multitask Learning Approach to Action Quality Assessment

ParitoshParmar/MTL-AQA CVPR 2019

Can performance on the task of action quality assessment (AQA) be improved by exploiting a description of the action and its quality?

Collection and Validation of Psychophysiological Data from Professional and Amateur Players: a Multimodal eSports Dataset

smerdov/eSports_Sensors_Dataset 2 Nov 2020

An important feature of the dataset is simultaneous data collection from five players, which facilitates the analysis of sensor data on a team level.

SAR-RARP50: Segmentation of surgical instrumentation and Action Recognition on Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy Challenge

bcv-uniandes/matis 31 Dec 2023

Surgical tool segmentation and action recognition are fundamental building blocks in many computer-assisted intervention applications, ranging from surgical skills assessment to decision support systems.

Evaluating surgical skills from kinematic data using convolutional neural networks

hfawaz/miccai18 7 Jun 2018

The need for automatic surgical skills assessment is increasing, especially because manual feedback from senior surgeons observing junior surgeons is prone to subjectivity and time consuming.

eSports Pro-Players Behavior During the Game Events: Statistical Analysis of Data Obtained Using the Smart Chair

smerdov/smart_chair_client 18 Aug 2019

Today's competition between the professional eSports teams is so strong that in-depth analysis of players' performance literally crucial for creating a powerful team.

Detecting Video Game Player Burnout with the Use of Sensor Data and Machine Learning

smerdov/eSports_Sensors_Dataset 29 Nov 2020

In this article, we propose the methods based on the sensor data analysis for predicting whether a player will win the future encounter.

AI-enabled Prediction of eSports Player Performance Using the Data from Heterogeneous Sensors

smerdov/CS_GO_Sensors_Data_Analysis 7 Dec 2020

For this reason, we collected the physiological, environmental, and the game chair data from Pro and amateur players.

Temporally Guided Articulated Hand Pose Tracking in Surgical Videos

MichiganCOG/Surgical_Hands_RELEASE 12 Jan 2021

Additionally, we collect the first dataset, Surgical Hands, that provides multi-instance articulated hand pose annotations for in-vivo videos.

Piano Skills Assessment

ParitoshParmar/Piano-Skills-Assessment 13 Jan 2021

Can a computer determine a piano player's skill level?