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Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Data Augmentation for Environmental Sound Classification

justinsalamon/UrbanSound8K-JAMS 15 Aug 2016

We show that the improved performance stems from the combination of a deep, high-capacity model and an augmented training set: this combination outperforms both the proposed CNN without augmentation and a "shallow" dictionary learning model with augmentation.

AudioCLIP: Extending CLIP to Image, Text and Audio

AndreyGuzhov/AudioCLIP 24 Jun 2021

AudioCLIP achieves new state-of-the-art results in the Environmental Sound Classification (ESC) task, out-performing other approaches by reaching accuracies of 90. 07% on the UrbanSound8K and 97. 15% on the ESC-50 datasets.

End-to-End Environmental Sound Classification using a 1D Convolutional Neural Network

sajabdoli/Environmental_sound_classification 18 Apr 2019

In this paper, we present an end-to-end approach for environmental sound classification based on a 1D Convolution Neural Network (CNN) that learns a representation directly from the audio signal.

Masked Conditional Neural Networks for Environmental Sound Classification

fadymedhat/YorNoise 25 May 2018

We have evaluated the MCLNN performance using the Urbansound8k dataset of environmental sounds.

Differentiable Tracking-Based Training of Deep Learning Sound Source Localizers

sharathadavanne/doa-net 29 Oct 2021

Data-based and learning-based sound source localization (SSL) has shown promising results in challenging conditions, and is commonly set as a classification or a regression problem.

Empirical Study of Drone Sound Detection in Real-Life Environment with Deep Neural Networks

sdeva14/eusipco17-drone-sound-detection 20 Jan 2017

This work aims to investigate the use of deep neural network to detect commercial hobby drones in real-life environments by analyzing their sound data.

Look, Listen and Learn

marl/l3embedding ICCV 2017

We consider the question: what can be learnt by looking at and listening to a large number of unlabelled videos?

Utilizing Domain Knowledge in End-to-End Audio Processing

corticph/MSTmodel 1 Dec 2017

End-to-end neural network based approaches to audio modelling are generally outperformed by models trained on high-level data representations.

An Ensemble of Transfer, Semi-supervised and Supervised Learning Methods for Pathological Heart Sound Classification

osnandhu/DS5500_PCG_Classification 18 Jun 2018

In this work, we propose an ensemble of classifiers to distinguish between various degrees of abnormalities of the heart using Phonocardiogram (PCG) signals acquired using digital stethoscopes in a clinical setting, for the INTERSPEECH 2018 Computational Paralinguistics (ComParE) Heart Beats SubChallenge.

Environmental Sound Classification on Microcontrollers using Convolutional Neural Networks

jonnor/ESC-CNN-microcontroller n/a 2019

Noise monitoring using Wireless Sensor Networks are being applied in order to understand and help mitigate these noise problems.