Spam detection

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Most implemented papers

Black-box Generation of Adversarial Text Sequences to Evade Deep Learning Classifiers

QData/deepWordBug 13 Jan 2018

Although various techniques have been proposed to generate adversarial samples for white-box attacks on text, little attention has been paid to black-box attacks, which are more realistic scenarios.

Evading classifiers in discrete domains with provable optimality guarantees

spring-epfl/trickster 25 Oct 2018

We introduce a graphical framework that (1) generalizes existing attacks in discrete domains, (2) can accommodate complex cost functions beyond $p$-norms, including financial cost incurred when attacking a classifier, and (3) efficiently produces valid adversarial examples with guarantees of minimal adversarial cost.

Stronger Data Poisoning Attacks Break Data Sanitization Defenses

kohpangwei/data-poisoning-journal-release 2 Nov 2018

In this paper, we develop three attacks that can bypass a broad range of common data sanitization defenses, including anomaly detectors based on nearest neighbors, training loss, and singular-value decomposition.

GANs for Semi-Supervised Opinion Spam Detection

gray-stanton/spamGAN 19 Mar 2019

Online reviews have become a vital source of information in purchasing a service (product).

An Automated Text Categorization Framework based on Hyperparameter Optimization

INGEOTEC/microTC 6 Apr 2017

The compared datasets include several problems like topic and polarity classification, spam detection, user profiling and authorship attribution.

Natural Language Processing: State of The Art, Current Trends and Challenges

anuragreddygv323/Important-stuff 17 Aug 2017

Natural language processing (NLP) has recently gained much attention for representing and analysing human language computationally.

EMFET: E-mail Features Extraction Tool

WadeaHijjawi/EmailFeaturesExtraction 22 Nov 2017

EMFET is an open source and flexible tool that can be used to extract a large number of features from any email corpus with emails saved in EML format.

Non-Negative Networks Against Adversarial Attacks

endgameinc/malware_evasion_competition 15 Jun 2018

Adversarial attacks against neural networks are a problem of considerable importance, for which effective defenses are not yet readily available.

DeepImageSpam: Deep Learning based Image Spam Detection

vinayakumarr/maching-learning-CDAC-Technopark 3 Oct 2018

Hackers and spammers are employing innovative and novel techniques to deceive novice and even knowledgeable internet users.

Spotting Collective Behaviour of Online Frauds in Customer Reviews

LCS2-IIITD/DeFrauder 31 May 2019

Online reviews play a crucial role in deciding the quality before purchasing any product.