Speaker Recognition

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Speaker Recognition is the process of identifying or confirming the identity of a person given his speech segments.

Source: Margin Matters: Towards More Discriminative Deep Neural Network Embeddings for Speaker Recognition


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Speaker Recognition from Raw Waveform with SincNet

mravanelli/SincNet 29 Jul 2018

Rather than employing standard hand-crafted features, the latter CNNs learn low-level speech representations from waveforms, potentially allowing the network to better capture important narrow-band speaker characteristics such as pitch and formants.

Deep Speaker: an End-to-End Neural Speaker Embedding System

philipperemy/deep-speaker 5 May 2017

We present Deep Speaker, a neural speaker embedding system that maps utterances to a hypersphere where speaker similarity is measured by cosine similarity.

Utterance-level Aggregation For Speaker Recognition In The Wild

WeidiXie/VGG-Speaker-Recognition 26 Feb 2019

The objective of this paper is speaker recognition "in the wild"-where utterances may be of variable length and also contain irrelevant signals.

Mockingjay: Unsupervised Speech Representation Learning with Deep Bidirectional Transformer Encoders

andi611/Self-Supervised-Speech-Pretraining-and-Representation-Learning 25 Oct 2019

We present Mockingjay as a new speech representation learning approach, where bidirectional Transformer encoders are pre-trained on a large amount of unlabeled speech.

VoiceFilter: Targeted Voice Separation by Speaker-Conditioned Spectrogram Masking

Edresson/VoiceSplit 11 Oct 2018

In this paper, we present a novel system that separates the voice of a target speaker from multi-speaker signals, by making use of a reference signal from the target speaker.

AM-MobileNet1D: A Portable Model for Speaker Recognition

joaoantoniocn/AM-MobileNet1D 31 Mar 2020

To address this demand, we propose a portable model called Additive Margin MobileNet1D (AM-MobileNet1D) to Speaker Identification on mobile devices.

AutoSpeech: Neural Architecture Search for Speaker Recognition

TAMU-VITA/AutoSpeech 7 May 2020

Speaker recognition systems based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are often built with off-the-shelf backbones such as VGG-Net or ResNet.

Attention-Based Models for Text-Dependent Speaker Verification

liyongze/lstm_speaker_verification 28 Oct 2017

Attention-based models have recently shown great performance on a range of tasks, such as speech recognition, machine translation, and image captioning due to their ability to summarize relevant information that expands through the entire length of an input sequence.

VoxCeleb2: Deep Speaker Recognition

a-nagrani/VGGVox 14 Jun 2018

The objective of this paper is speaker recognition under noisy and unconstrained conditions.