Speech Dereverberation

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Removing reverberation from audio signals

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Investigating Generative Adversarial Networks based Speech Dereverberation for Robust Speech Recognition

wangkenpu/rsrgan 27 Mar 2018

First, we study the effectiveness of different dereverberation networks (the generator in GAN) and find that LSTM leads a significant improvement as compared with feed-forward DNN and CNN in our dataset.

Real-time Single-channel Dereverberation and Separation with Time-domainAudio Separation Network

mpariente/asteroid ISCA Interspeech 2018

We investigate the recently proposed Time-domain Audio Sep-aration Network (TasNet) in the task of real-time single-channel speech dereverberation.

HiFi-GAN: High-Fidelity Denoising and Dereverberation Based on Speech Deep Features in Adversarial Networks

rishikksh20/hifigan-denoiser 10 Jun 2020

Real-world audio recordings are often degraded by factors such as noise, reverberation, and equalization distortion.

Blind Room Parameter Estimation Using Multiple-Multichannel Speech Recordings

prerak23/RoomParamEstim 29 Jul 2021

Knowing the geometrical and acoustical parameters of a room may benefit applications such as audio augmented reality, speech dereverberation or audio forensics.

Late reverberation suppression using U-nets

DiegoLeon96/Neural-Speech-Dereverberation 5 Oct 2021

In real-world settings, speech signals are almost always affected by reverberation produced by the working environment; these corrupted signals need to be \emph{dereverberated} prior to performing, e. g., speech recognition, speech-to-text conversion, compression, or general audio enhancement.

Task-specific Optimization of Virtual Channel Linear Prediction-based Speech Dereverberation Front-End for Far-Field Speaker Verification

dreadbird06/tso_vace_wpe 27 Dec 2021

Developing a single-microphone speech denoising or dereverberation front-end for robust automatic speaker verification (ASV) in noisy far-field speaking scenarios is challenging.

Receptive Field Analysis of Temporal Convolutional Networks for Monaural Speech Dereverberation

jwr1995/whamr_ext 13 Apr 2022

A feature of TCNs is that they have a receptive field (RF) dependent on the specific model configuration which determines the number of input frames that can be observed to produce an individual output frame.

Utterance Weighted Multi-Dilation Temporal Convolutional Networks for Monaural Speech Dereverberation

jwr1995/wd-tcn 17 May 2022

It is shown that this weighted multi-dilation temporal convolutional network (WD-TCN) consistently outperforms the TCN across various model configurations and using the WD-TCN model is a more parameter efficient method to improve the performance of the model than increasing the number of convolutional blocks.

MESH2IR: Neural Acoustic Impulse Response Generator for Complex 3D Scenes

anton-jeran/MESH2IR 18 May 2022

We show that the acoustic metrics of the IRs predicted from our MESH2IR match the ground truth with less than 10% error.

Speech Enhancement and Dereverberation with Diffusion-based Generative Models

sp-uhh/sgmse 11 Aug 2022

Furthermore, we show that the proposed method achieves remarkable state-of-the-art performance in single-channel speech dereverberation.