Speech Dereverberation

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Removing reverberation from audio signals

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MESH2IR: Neural Acoustic Impulse Response Generator for Complex 3D Scenes

anton-jeran/MESH2IR 18 May 2022

We show that the acoustic metrics of the IRs predicted from our MESH2IR match the ground truth with less than 10% error.

Deformable Temporal Convolutional Networks for Monaural Noisy Reverberant Speech Separation

jwr1995/dtcn 27 Oct 2022

In this work deformable convolution is proposed as a solution to allow TCN models to have dynamic RFs that can adapt to various reverberation times for reverberant speech separation.

StoRM: A Diffusion-based Stochastic Regeneration Model for Speech Enhancement and Dereverberation

sp-uhh/sgmse 22 Dec 2022

As diffusion models are generative approaches they may also produce vocalizing and breathing artifacts in adverse conditions.

Investigating Generative Adversarial Networks based Speech Dereverberation for Robust Speech Recognition

wangkenpu/rsrgan 27 Mar 2018

First, we study the effectiveness of different dereverberation networks (the generator in GAN) and find that LSTM leads a significant improvement as compared with feed-forward DNN and CNN in our dataset.

Real-time Single-channel Dereverberation and Separation with Time-domainAudio Separation Network

mpariente/asteroid ISCA Interspeech 2018

We investigate the recently proposed Time-domain Audio Sep-aration Network (TasNet) in the task of real-time single-channel speech dereverberation.

HiFi-GAN: High-Fidelity Denoising and Dereverberation Based on Speech Deep Features in Adversarial Networks

rishikksh20/hifigan-denoiser 10 Jun 2020

Real-world audio recordings are often degraded by factors such as noise, reverberation, and equalization distortion.

Blind Room Parameter Estimation Using Multiple-Multichannel Speech Recordings

prerak23/RoomParamEstim 29 Jul 2021

Knowing the geometrical and acoustical parameters of a room may benefit applications such as audio augmented reality, speech dereverberation or audio forensics.

Late reverberation suppression using U-nets

DiegoLeon96/Neural-Speech-Dereverberation 5 Oct 2021

In real-world settings, speech signals are almost always affected by reverberation produced by the working environment; these corrupted signals need to be \emph{dereverberated} prior to performing, e. g., speech recognition, speech-to-text conversion, compression, or general audio enhancement.

Task-specific Optimization of Virtual Channel Linear Prediction-based Speech Dereverberation Front-End for Far-Field Speaker Verification

dreadbird06/tso_vace_wpe 27 Dec 2021

Developing a single-microphone speech denoising or dereverberation front-end for robust automatic speaker verification (ASV) in noisy far-field speaking scenarios is challenging.

Receptive Field Analysis of Temporal Convolutional Networks for Monaural Speech Dereverberation

jwr1995/whamr_ext 13 Apr 2022

A feature of TCNs is that they have a receptive field (RF) dependent on the specific model configuration which determines the number of input frames that can be observed to produce an individual output frame.