Stroke Classification

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Most implemented papers

Spatio-Temporal CNN baseline method for the Sports Video Task of MediaEval 2021 benchmark

ccp-eva/sporttaskme21 16 Dec 2021

This task proposes a stroke detection and a stroke classification subtasks.

Fine-Grained Action Detection with RGB and Pose Information using Two Stream Convolutional Networks

fidsinn/sporttaskme22 6 Feb 2023

As participants of the MediaEval 2022 Sport Task, we propose a two-stream network approach for the classification and detection of table tennis strokes.

Baseline Method for the Sport Task of MediaEval 2022 with 3D CNNs using Attention Mechanisms

ccp-eva/sporttaskme22 6 Feb 2023

We propose two types of 3D-CNN architectures to solve the two subtasks.