Synthetic Face Recognition

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Most implemented papers

SynthDistill: Face Recognition with Knowledge Distillation from Synthetic Data

otroshi/synthdistill 28 Aug 2023

While generating synthetic datasets for training face recognition models is an alternative option, it is challenging to generate synthetic data with sufficient intra-class variations.

DigiFace-1M: 1 Million Digital Face Images for Face Recognition

microsoft/digiface1m 5 Oct 2022

Such models are trained on large-scale datasets that contain millions of real human face images collected from the internet.

DCFace: Synthetic Face Generation with Dual Condition Diffusion Model

mk-minchul/dcface CVPR 2023

Our novel Patch-wise style extractor and Time-step dependent ID loss enables DCFace to consistently produce face images of the same subject under different styles with precise control.

Identity-driven Three-Player Generative Adversarial Network for Synthetic-based Face Recognition

fdbtrs/synthetic-face-recognition 30 Apr 2023

We empirically proved that our IDnet synthetic images are of higher identity discrimination in comparison to the conventional two-player GAN, while maintaining a realistic intra-identity variation.

IDiff-Face: Synthetic-based Face Recognition through Fizzy Identity-Conditioned Diffusion Models

fdbtrs/IDiff-Face 9 Aug 2023

The availability of large-scale authentic face databases has been crucial to the significant advances made in face recognition research over the past decade.