Synthetic Speech Detection

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Detect fake synthetic speech generated using machine learning

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Replay and Synthetic Speech Detection with Res2net Architecture

lixucuhk/ASV-anti-spoofing-with-Res2Net 28 Oct 2020

This multiple scaling mechanism significantly improves the countermeasure's generalizability to unseen spoofing attacks.

Towards End-to-End Synthetic Speech Detection

ghuawhu/end-to-end-synthetic-speech-detection 11 Jun 2021

The constant Q transform (CQT) has been shown to be one of the most effective speech signal pre-transforms to facilitate synthetic speech detection, followed by either hand-crafted (subband) constant Q cepstral coefficient (CQCC) feature extraction and a back-end binary classifier, or a deep neural network (DNN) directly for further feature extraction and classification.

UR Channel-Robust Synthetic Speech Detection System for ASVspoof 2021

yzyouzhang/asvspoof2021_air 26 Jul 2021

Different from previous ASVspoof challenges, the LA task this year presents codec and transmission channel variability, while the new task DF presents general audio compression.

ConvNeXt Based Neural Network for Audio Anti-Spoofing

MS-Mind/MS-Code-02 14 Sep 2022

With the rapid development of speech conversion and speech synthesis algorithms, automatic speaker verification (ASV) systems are vulnerable to spoofing attacks.

FMFCC-A: A Challenging Mandarin Dataset for Synthetic Speech Detection

amforever/fmfcc-a 18 Oct 2021

As increasing development of text-to-speech (TTS) and voice conversion (VC) technologies, the detection of synthetic speech has been suffered dramatically.

Multi-task learning improves synthetic speech detection

mo666666/Multi-Task-Learning-Improves-Synthetic-Speech-Detection 2022 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2022) 2022

In this paper, by observing that deepening the network impairs the performance of the network in detecting unknown attacks, we propose that the synthetic speech detection problem is an out-of-distribution (OOD) generalization problem and we enhance the robustness of networks by using multi-task learning.

The Sound of Silence: Efficiency of First Digit Features in Synthetic Audio Detection

dan8991/the-sound-of-silence 6 Oct 2022

The recent integration of generative neural strategies and audio processing techniques have fostered the widespread of synthetic speech synthesis or transformation algorithms.

SingFake: Singing Voice Deepfake Detection

yongyizang/SingFake 14 Sep 2023

These unique properties make singing voice deepfake detection a relevant but significantly different problem from synthetic speech detection.