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Bidirectional LSTM-CRF Models for Sequence Tagging

determined22/zh-ner-tf 9 Aug 2015

It can also use sentence level tag information thanks to a CRF layer.

MULAN: Multitask Universal Lesion Analysis Network for Joint Lesion Detection, Tagging, and Segmentation

rsummers11/CADLab 12 Aug 2019

When reading medical images such as a computed tomography (CT) scan, radiologists generally search across the image to find lesions, characterize and measure them, and then describe them in the radiological report.

Temporal Action Detection with Structured Segment Networks

open-mmlab/mmaction ICCV 2017

Detecting actions in untrimmed videos is an important yet challenging task.

Encode, Tag, Realize: High-Precision Text Editing

google-research/lasertagger IJCNLP 2019

We propose LaserTagger - a sequence tagging approach that casts text generation as a text editing task.

Metadata Embeddings for User and Item Cold-start Recommendations

lyst/lightfm 30 Jul 2015

I present a hybrid matrix factorisation model representing users and items as linear combinations of their content features' latent factors.

LiDARTag: A Real-Time Fiducial Tag System for Point Clouds

UMich-BipedLab/LiDARTag 23 Aug 2019

Because of the LiDAR sensors' nature, rapidly changing ambient lighting will not affect the detection of a LiDARTag; hence, the proposed fiducial marker can operate in a completely dark environment.

LINSPECTOR: Multilingual Probing Tasks for Word Representations

UKPLab/linspector CL 2020

We present a reusable methodology for creation and evaluation of such tests in a multilingual setting.

Nested Named Entity Recognition via Second-best Sequence Learning and Decoding

yahshibu/nested-ner-tacl2020-transformers 5 Sep 2019

When an entity name contains other names within it, the identification of all combinations of names can become difficult and expensive.

Toward Tag-free Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis: A Multiple Attention Network Approach

qiangyao1988/Toward-tag-free-ABSA 22 Mar 2020

Existing aspect based sentiment analysis (ABSA) approaches leverage various neural network models to extract the aspect sentiments via learning aspect-specific feature representations.

GECToR -- Grammatical Error Correction: Tag, Not Rewrite

grammarly/gector WS 2020

In this paper, we present a simple and efficient GEC sequence tagger using a Transformer encoder.