Taxonomy Expansion

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Expand a seed taxonomy with new unseen node

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TaxoExpan: Self-supervised Taxonomy Expansion with Position-Enhanced Graph Neural Network

mickeystroller/TaxoExpan 26 Jan 2020

Taxonomies consist of machine-interpretable semantics and provide valuable knowledge for many web applications.

Enhancing Taxonomy Completion with Concept Generation via Fusing Relational Representations

QingkaiZeng/GenTaxo 5 Jun 2021

Automatic construction of a taxonomy supports many applications in e-commerce, web search, and question answering.

STEAM: Self-Supervised Taxonomy Expansion with Mini-Paths

yueyu1030/STEAM 18 Jun 2020

We propose a self-supervised taxonomy expansion model named STEAM, which leverages natural supervision in the existing taxonomy for expansion.

Taxonomy Completion via Triplet Matching Network

JieyuZ2/TMN 6 Jan 2021

Previous approaches focus on the taxonomy expansion, i. e. finding an appropriate hypernym concept from the taxonomy for a new query concept.

Enquire One's Parent and Child Before Decision: Fully Exploit Hierarchical Structure for Self-Supervised Taxonomy Expansion

sheryc/HEF 27 Jan 2021

Taxonomy is a hierarchically structured knowledge graph that plays a crucial role in machine intelligence.

Learning What You Need from What You Did: Product Taxonomy Expansion with User Behaviors Supervision

adacheng/product_taxonomy_expansion 28 Mar 2022

Specifically, i) to fully exploit user behavioral information, we extract candidate hyponymy relations that match user interests from query-click concepts; ii) to enhance the semantic information of new concepts and better detect hyponymy relations, we model concepts and relations through both user-generated content and structural information in existing taxonomies and user click logs, by leveraging Pre-trained Language Models and Graph Neural Network combined with Contrastive Learning; iii) to reduce the cost of dataset construction and overcome data skews, we construct a high-quality and balanced training dataset from existing taxonomy with no supervision.

DNG: Taxonomy Expansion by Exploring the Intrinsic Directed Structure on Non-gaussian Space

songlinzhai/dng 22 Feb 2023

Specifically, the inherited feature originates from "parent" nodes and is weighted by an inheritance factor.

Towards Visual Taxonomy Expansion

darthzhu/vte 12 Sep 2023

Specifically, on the Chinese taxonomy dataset, our method significantly improves accuracy by 8. 75 %.

A Unified Taxonomy-Guided Instruction Tuning Framework for Entity Set Expansion and Taxonomy Expansion

yanzhen4/taxoinstruct 20 Feb 2024

Entity Set Expansion, Taxonomy Expansion, and Seed-Guided Taxonomy Construction are three representative tasks that can be used to automatically populate an existing taxonomy with new entities.