Temporal Logic

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Learning logic with respect to time and ordering of events.


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Reward Machines: Exploiting Reward Function Structure in Reinforcement Learning

RodrigoToroIcarte/reward_machines 6 Oct 2020

First, we propose reward machines, a type of finite state machine that supports the specification of reward functions while exposing reward function structure.

Modular Deep Reinforcement Learning with Temporal Logic Specifications

RickyMexx/DeepRL-LTL 23 Sep 2019

We propose an actor-critic, model-free, and online Reinforcement Learning (RL) framework for continuous-state continuous-action Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) when the reward is highly sparse but encompasses a high-level temporal structure.

Slicing and dicing soccer: automatic detection of complex events from spatio-temporal data

grains2/slicing-and-dicing-soccer 8 Apr 2020

This paper presents a comprehensive approach for de-tecting a wide range of complex events in soccer videos starting frompositional data.

Interpretable Safety Validation for Autonomous Vehicles

sisl/InterpretableValidation.jl 14 Apr 2020

Our methodology is demonstrated for the safety validation of an autonomous vehicle in the context of an unprotected left turn and a crosswalk with a pedestrian.

An Expressive Probabilistic Temporal Logic

Paradoxika/ProbLogic 24 Mar 2016

This paper argues that a combined treatment of probabilities, time and actions is essential for an appropriate logical account of the notion of probability; and, based on this intuition, describes an expressive probabilistic temporal logic for reasoning about actions with uncertain outcomes.

Online Learning of Event Definitions

nkatzz/OLED 30 Jul 2016

The Event Calculus is a temporal logic that has been used as a basis in event recognition applications, providing among others, direct connections to machine learning, via Inductive Logic Programming (ILP).

Stacked Thompson Bandits

jazzbob/stb 28 Feb 2017

We introduce Stacked Thompson Bandits (STB) for efficiently generating plans that are likely to satisfy a given bounded temporal logic requirement.

Distributed Online Learning of Event Definitions

nkatzz/OLED 5 May 2017

Logic-based event recognition systems infer occurrences of events in time using a set of event definitions in the form of first-order rules.

Safe Reinforcement Learning via Shielding

DanielLSM/safe-rl-tutorial 29 Aug 2017

In the first one, the shield acts each time the learning agent is about to make a decision and provides a list of safe actions.

Logically-Constrained Reinforcement Learning

grockious/lcrl 24 Jan 2018

With this reward function, the policy synthesis procedure is "constrained" by the given specification.