Tensor Decomposition

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Speeding-up Convolutional Neural Networks Using Fine-tuned CP-Decomposition

jacobgil/pytorch-tensor-decompositions 19 Dec 2014

We propose a simple two-step approach for speeding up convolution layers within large convolutional neural networks based on tensor decomposition and discriminative fine-tuning.

When Are Nonconvex Problems Not Scary?

sunju/pr_plain 21 Oct 2015

In this note, we focus on smooth nonconvex optimization problems that obey: (1) all local minimizers are also global; and (2) around any saddle point or local maximizer, the objective has a negative directional curvature.

Canonical Tensor Decomposition for Knowledge Base Completion

facebookresearch/kbc ICML 2018

The problem of Knowledge Base Completion can be framed as a 3rd-order binary tensor completion problem.

Convolutional neural networks with low-rank regularization

chengtaipu/lowrankcnn 19 Nov 2015

Recently, tensor decompositions have been used for speeding up CNNs.

Expressive power of recurrent neural networks

rballester/tntorch ICLR 2018

In this paper, we prove the expressive power theorem (an exponential lower bound on the width of the equivalent shallow network) for a class of recurrent neural networks -- ones that correspond to the Tensor Train (TT) decomposition.

Learning a Wavelet-like Auto-Encoder to Accelerate Deep Neural Networks

tianshuichen/Wavelet-like-Auto-Encoder 20 Dec 2017

In this work, aiming at a general and comprehensive way for neural network acceleration, we develop a Wavelet-like Auto-Encoder (WAE) that decomposes the original input image into two low-resolution channels (sub-images) and incorporate the WAE into the classification neural networks for joint training.

Binarized Knowledge Graph Embeddings

KokiKishimoto/cp_decomposition 8 Feb 2019

This limitation is expected to become more stringent as existing knowledge graphs, which are already huge, keep steadily growing in scale.

Nonnegative Tucker Decomposition with Beta-divergence for Music Structure Analysis of audio signals

amarmore/musicntd 27 Oct 2021

This work proposes a Multiplicative Updates algorithm to compute NTD with the beta-divergence loss, often considered a better loss for audio processing.

Dimensionality Reduction of Longitudinal 'Omics Data using Modern Tensor Factorization

uriamorp/mprod_package 28 Nov 2021

Precision medicine is a clinical approach for disease prevention, detection and treatment, which considers each individual's genetic background, environment and lifestyle.

Empirical Evaluation of Four Tensor Decomposition Algorithms

pdturney/multislice-projection 13 Nov 2007

We recommend HOOI for tensors that are small enough for the available RAM and MP for larger tensors.