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A Bilingual, OpenWorld Video Text Dataset and End-to-end Video Text Spotter with Transformer

weijiawu/transvtspotter 9 Dec 2021

Most existing video text spotting benchmarks focus on evaluating a single language and scenario with limited data.

Marvin: Semantic annotation using multiple knowledge sources

nikolamilosevic86/Marvin 1 Feb 2016

People are producing more written material then anytime in the history.

Open Images V5 Text Annotation and Yet Another Mask Text Spotter

openvinotoolkit/training_extensions 23 Jun 2021

A large scale human-labeled dataset plays an important role in creating high quality deep learning models.

Patent Sentiment Analysis to Highlight Patent Paragraphs

renuk9390/patent_sentiment_analysis 6 Nov 2021

The contributions of this work are: i) we developed a multi-class, novel dataset of size 150k samples by traversing USPTO patents over a decade, ii) articulated statistics and distributions of data using imperative exploratory data analysis, iii) baseline Machine Learning models are developed to utilize the dataset to address patent paragraph highlighting task, iv) dataset and codes relating to this task are open-sourced through a dedicated GIT web page: https://github. com/Renuk9390/Patent_Sentiment_Analysis and v) future path to extend this work using Deep Learning and domain specific pre-trained language models to develop a tool to highlight is provided.

Text Annotation Graphs: Annotating Complex Natural Language Phenomena

CreativeCodingLab/TextAnnotationGraphs LREC 2018

Additionally, we include an approach to representing text annotations in which annotation subgraphs, or semantic summaries, are used to show relationships outside of the sequential context of the text itself.

YEDDA: A Lightweight Collaborative Text Span Annotation Tool

jiesutd/YEDDA ACL 2018

And the annotation time can be further compressed by 16. 47\% through intelligent recommendation.

The INCEpTION Platform: Machine-Assisted and Knowledge-Oriented Interactive Annotation

inception-project/inception COLING 2018

We introduce INCEpTION, a new annotation platform for tasks including interactive and semantic annotation (e. g., concept linking, fact linking, knowledge base population, semantic frame annotation).

NLATool: an Application for Enhanced Deep Text Understanding

interactionlab/nlatool COLING 2018

The application combines supporting text annotation and enriching the text with additional information from a number of sources directly within the application.

Inforex --- a Collaborative Systemfor Text Corpora Annotation and Analysis Goes Open

CLARIN-PL/Inforex RANLP 2019

In the paper we present the latest changes introduce to Inforex {---} a web-based system for qualitative and collaborative text corpora annotation and analysis.

TeamTat: a collaborative text annotation tool

ncbi-nlp/TeamTat 24 Apr 2020

Manually annotated data is key to developing text-mining and information-extraction algorithms.