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Text-based games to evaluate the Reinforcement Learning Agents


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Language Understanding for Text-based Games Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

MikulasZelinka/pyfiction EMNLP 2015

We evaluate our approach on two game worlds, comparing against baselines using bag-of-words and bag-of-bigrams for state representations.

Deep Reinforcement Learning with a Natural Language Action Space

jvking/text-games ACL 2016

This paper introduces a novel architecture for reinforcement learning with deep neural networks designed to handle state and action spaces characterized by natural language, as found in text-based games.

Using reinforcement learning to learn how to play text-based games

MikulasZelinka/pyfiction 6 Jan 2018

The ability to learn optimal control policies in systems where action space is defined by sentences in natural language would allow many interesting real-world applications such as automatic optimisation of dialogue systems.

Counting to Explore and Generalize in Text-based Games

xingdi-eric-yuan/TextWorld-Coin-Collector 29 Jun 2018

We propose a recurrent RL agent with an episodic exploration mechanism that helps discovering good policies in text-based game environments.

Towards Solving Text-based Games by Producing Adaptive Action Spaces

taodav/TextWorldACG 3 Dec 2018

To solve a text-based game, an agent needs to formulate valid text commands for a given context and find the ones that lead to success.

Text-based RL Agents with Commonsense Knowledge: New Challenges, Environments and Baselines

IBM/commonsense-rl 8 Oct 2020

Text-based games have emerged as an important test-bed for Reinforcement Learning (RL) research, requiring RL agents to combine grounded language understanding with sequential decision making.

TextWorldExpress: Simulating Text Games at One Million Steps Per Second

cognitiveailab/textworldexpress 1 Aug 2022

Text-based games offer a challenging test bed to evaluate virtual agents at language understanding, multi-step problem-solving, and common-sense reasoning.

Constructing Temporal Dynamic Knowledge Graphs from Interactive Text-based Games

yukw777/temporal-discrete-graph-updater 3 Nov 2023

In order to address DGU's weaknesses while preserving its high interpretability, we propose the Temporal Discrete Graph Updater (TDGU), a novel neural network model that represents dynamic knowledge graphs as a sequence of timestamped graph events and models them using a temporal point based graph neural network.

TextWorld: A Learning Environment for Text-based Games

asannasi/txt_adv_nlp 29 Jun 2018

We introduce TextWorld, a sandbox learning environment for the training and evaluation of RL agents on text-based games.

Building Dynamic Knowledge Graphs from Text-based Games

MikulasZelinka/textworld_kg_dataset 21 Oct 2019

We are interested in learning how to update Knowledge Graphs (KG) from text.