Text-Independent Speaker Verification

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Y-Vector: Multiscale Waveform Encoder for Speaker Embedding

gzhu06/Y-vector 24 Oct 2020

State-of-the-art text-independent speaker verification systems typically use cepstral features or filter bank energies as speech features.

Text-Independent Speaker Verification

24 Oct 2020

Deep multi-metric learning for text-independent speaker verification

GreatJiweix/DmmlTiSV 17 Jul 2020

Text-independent speaker verification is an important artificial intelligence problem that has a wide spectrum of applications, such as criminal investigation, payment certification, and interest-based customer services.

Metric Learning Text-Independent Speaker Verification

17 Jul 2020

Improved RawNet with Feature Map Scaling for Text-independent Speaker Verification using Raw Waveforms

Jungjee/RawNet 1 Apr 2020

Recent advances in deep learning have facilitated the design of speaker verification systems that directly input raw waveforms.

Text-Independent Speaker Verification

01 Apr 2020

RawNet: Advanced end-to-end deep neural network using raw waveforms for text-independent speaker verification

Jungjee/RawNet 17 Apr 2019

In this study, we explore end-to-end deep neural networks that input raw waveforms to improve various aspects: front-end speaker embedding extraction including model architecture, pre-training scheme, additional objective functions, and back-end classification.

Classification Data Augmentation +2

17 Apr 2019

Utterance-level Aggregation For Speaker Recognition In The Wild

taylorlu/Speaker-Diarization 26 Feb 2019

The objective of this paper is speaker recognition "in the wild"-where utterances may be of variable length and also contain irrelevant signals.

Speaker Recognition Text-Independent Speaker Verification

26 Feb 2019

Multiobjective Optimization Training of PLDA for Speaker Verification

sanphiee/MOT-sGPLDA-SRE14 25 Aug 2018

Most current state-of-the-art text-independent speaker verification systems take probabilistic linear discriminant analysis (PLDA) as their backend classifiers.

Multiobjective Optimization Text-Independent Speaker Verification

25 Aug 2018

Noise Invariant Frame Selection: A Simple Method to Address the Background Noise Problem for Text-independent Speaker Verification

shuimove1234/Noise-Invariant-Frame-Selection 3 May 2018

The performance of speaker-related systems usually degrades heavily in practical applications largely due to the presence of background noise.

Quantization Text-Independent Speaker Verification

03 May 2018

Text-Independent Speaker Verification Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks

astorfi/3D-convolutional-speaker-recognition 26 May 2017

In our paper, we propose an adaptive feature learning by utilizing the 3D-CNNs for direct speaker model creation in which, for both development and enrollment phases, an identical number of spoken utterances per speaker is fed to the network for representing the speakers' utterances and creation of the speaker model.

Text-Independent Speaker Verification

26 May 2017